Old Yahoo Chat Friend in Peshawar Pakistan


Peshawar: Hi sir, after a long time, I used to write in your forum but I lost the ID. I am from Pakistan and I used to discuss things in 2005 and you appreciated.

William: Yes, indeed I remember

William: You sent me photos of Pakistan which looked like the North
East of American in the Fall… with pine trees

Peshawar: I am safe and sound among bombs , blasts, aggression, foreign or internal, and and unprecedent situation, haha howp sir u wll be safe and sound, yes sir

William: well, safe in NYC for right now
William: you are surrounded by much war activity…
William: are you near Lahore, what is your city

Peshawar: Same person , at that time I was student , now teacher or
lecturer in the university and college, so bit professional but still
need your benign shade and kind words.

William: Which city are you near so I may visualize on a map

Peshawar: Peshhawar, and personally belong to area,where recently
Taliban and govt fought interim war and people were displaced

William: Aha, you are near Peshhawar… or did you move
Which languages are you fluent in besides English and I
assume Urdu

Peshawar: not so unprecedent like Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Cuba,
and Mexico
Peshawar: I speak Urdu and Pushto

William: One acquaintance long ago in Lahore told me she must both
filter and then boil drinking water… how is your water situation?
must you filter and then boil

Peshawar: Sir I am looking forward for Phd now, will take admission very soon in mphil in Pakistan or outside Pakistan if God wills

William: aha you speak Pushto
William: do you know very many who are sincerely practicing Islam…
What is your position… must you come regularly to Masjid? I have
friend in Tehran who never goes

Peshawar: Sir we have good quality water in Peshawar, and my village,
there are springs, pure drinking water,

William: Do the people that you know seem to hate America? It is ok to
tell me negative things I shall not be offended. What do they think of
Obama. Do you know of many people who are in favor of Taliban? Or
are many there against Taliban

Peshawar: Sir, I do believe that one must have religion, irrespective,
Islam, Christainity or Judiasm Hinduism or any..

William: Regarding Islam, I was simply curious if there is a social
pressure for people to attend mosque…. in Tehran it is possible to
never attend, as long as one does not break rules of dress code in street. In Tehran the morality police inspect to tear down forbidden
satellite TV dishes… and the people just put them back up

Peshawar: once Stalin the president of ussr was depressed he asked a
doctor to prescribe medicine, the doctor asked him, do you believe in God, if so it will release your pressure, but Stalin said I am an athiest, and I do not believe on doctor,

William: in Peshawar, during Ramadan, are people punished if seen
eating or drinking during the daylight hours

William: Stalin is interesting because he died of old age in bed, ..
he was not assassinated, executed. So Stalin was successful in his exercise of power

Peshawar: the doctor said , then do believe in Satan, it wll decrease
your pressure, and Stalin said from now forward America is my Satin,

I am not personal, just believe on some thing

William: Is there a big problem in Peshawar with AIDS/Hiv infection?
Is the news suppressed…. can you ever read Al Jezeera news?

Peshawar: sorry I could not convey my point proper, but I believe
Peshawar: no sorry, no big problem like big cities

William: is there a black market in alcohol where you are…. is there
any problem with alcohol or drug addiction

William: in Tehran, the alcoholics are punished more severely than the
heroin addicts because Qur’an forbids alcohol but not heroin

Peshawar: Drug addiction very common and cheap, even sitting next to
my home,

William: yes, because the opium is produced in nearby Afghanistan i

William: I spoke to a store owner in Brooklyn who is from Yemen… he
said in Yemen there is ONE thing you cannot get EVEN on black
market….. PORK (pig)

William: but you can get whiskey/vodka in black market illegally

Peshawar: i do not know about that, here too we have laws but not so
sever, never never compare iran with pakistan though we faces terrorism and malign names but here people are western in thier style

William: interesting
William: I am very glad to hear from you… I sometimes think of you

Peshawar: yes of course so common, available easy, but more common
herion opium etc

William: how do you access internet? by telephone dial up? by
cable…. how?

Peshawar: thank you to remember me,
William: can you access Facebook? I am on facebook all the time…
William: Facebook is banned in Tehran by my friend gets it through a

William: IT IS good that you made progress and are an instructor
headed towards PhD

Peshawar: Do you know internet facility is most cheapest among the
world, just imagine, for one dollor, mite be 20 hours, wirless phone ,
through mobile, through optical fiber

William: wow
William: I did notice that there are inexpensive internet providers
located in Pakistan… if i remember

William: do many people in your town greatly dislike India

Peshawar: and imagine mobile phone talk for one hour on just 4 rupees
now one dollor equal to 86 rupees

William: In India, when Paki cricket team scores, the Indian Muslims
cheer… even though they are Indian and not Pakistani
William: what do people in your town think about the New York Ground
Zero Mosque dispute?

William: what is your best email contact
William: do you have gmail

Peshawar: i think it is beacuse of mentallity made by course books,
and plus media and govt but thnk very positvely about China and Iran

William: well, yes, positive attitude towards Iran is most

William: ah, good I will write that down in my address book
William: and what is your full name also
Peshawar: sir, humanism is the first religion, we are safe only if we
start believing on humanism

William: i wite it now
William: i write down your address
William: I just sent you test email from my blackberry

Peshawar: west is the not the problem , problem is the extreme of both ends , and secondly we are Sunni and they are Shia, as Christainity has Protestant , Lutheran, Catholic, and Anglican

William: yes, I am very familiar with differences between Sunni and

William: they physically pray THREE times per day, but they claim that
they combine two prayers into one, so they feel they pray FIVE times a

Peshawar: thank you, I hope you will not find me in the list of
pessimistic people

William: dont worry… be yourself… I enjoy candid truth… you do
not have to worry what i will think about your opinions
William: there are many understandable reasons why people around world might dislike america or europe… or prefer Islamic culture
William: in Iraq, there was gathering of Shia and Sunni and someones
cell phone started to play Shia religious music, and a fight broke out

Peshawar: thank time is about 9pm, and power will go for an hour,
just imagine, one hour power break in boston, or newyork, what will
happen, but nothing wil hapen here haha, thanks keep smiling and have
nice day

William: in Iraq, passport papers require TRIBE, and some people forge
papers to hide their TRIBE to avoid persecution
William: in your city, to people list their tribal affiliation?
William: what is the youngest girls you have seen married…. in
Tehran, one may see 13 year old, but in nomadic tribes… one may see
nine year old bride
William: same age as Ayesha

Peshawar: no problem at all, media very free anc cable available for
hunderd channel, just for 3 dollar per month, star movies, hbo, sky
news, cnn, bbc, star worlld etc

William: wow
William: i go to Egyptian diner in NYC, and they have cable with many
romantic song channels
William: very worldly… the Iranians would disapprove
William: very western, decadent, sensual

Peshawar: not big problem but some people of specific area are more
close eyes

William: do you go to Mosque every Friday?
William: just curious
William: do you know many people in your city who have done proper
Hajj to Makka

Peshawar: I think I go some time, but u know in Islam says that
blindly follow your faith, and no room for doubt, difficult to imagine
who made the world, believe in science

William: I gave up all tobacco and alcohol over two years ago because
of my health, i am age 61
William: yes,… i spoke with engineer in Saudi, and he said ONE MUST

William: i rarely use skype but i do have it

Peshawar: I think I studied both literature western and been a born
Muslim , I have a moderate view, do believe in science, and think
religion personal thing, not necessary to impose on some one

William: do many in your city use Ubuntu Gnu-Linux operating system

Peshawar: ya , i studied Linux in 1992
William: let me know if you got my test email to your hotmail
William: email me any time

Peshawar: do not know about Ubuntu gnu

William: just curious about Ubuntu in Peshawar
Peshawar: william in america is also called it bill
William: yes…. bill billy willy will
William: many nicknames for william
William: it is some kind of german for wilhelm = will’s helmet
William: something about protection, power
William: not certain

Peshawar: ok dear light (power) about to go, thinks
Peshawar: good explanation
William: ok…. email me
William: tell me about life
William: i can blog it anonymous… life in Peshawar

William: i did not know, interesting
William: email me your thoughts about Peshawar, and world,… i will
blog without mentioning your name

Peshawar: thanks we will share views

William: so you may be confidential
William: but, it will be valuable for world to hear your
thoughts/opinions concerns
William: i will always keep your identity confidential

William: i have school friend who works in Egypt
William: he tells me interesting things about Egypt

Peshawar: good , egypt is the mother of all civilization, visit sir,
Peshawar: has signed out. (10/10/2010 12:08 PM)


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