U.S. Factory Outlets

Here I will describe my five years at U.S. Factory Outlets.

An article about one of Fred Raiff’s USFO stores from 1998

Fred Raiff is a genius of retail and real estate who graduated from Columbia in the 1940. Mr. Raiff was in his 70s when he hired me as administrative assistant. I stayed with him for 5 years until the last day of closure from bankruptcy.

Mr. Raiff would hand write each of the many business letters he sent out each day. He combed the country for distressed strip malls with “dark anchors” (empty K-Marts, Targets, etc.) The owners of such malls would signed USFO’s unique agreement whereby they would receive a “loan” of one half million dollars or so, to open a USFO store, fill the dark anchor, and attract more customer traffic to the deserted mall, and eventually more store lessees.

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