I do not use tobacco or alcohol in any form.

I was born in New York City during the winter of 1949.

We lived in Huntington, Long Island until I was age 5.

From age 6 on we lived in Orange, Connecticut, a suburb of New Haven.

My generation was the proverbial “pig in the python”. Every other year the town of Orange built a new elementary school, and I attended all but one (Turkey Hill).

As birth rates decreased, those schools became community centers for the elderly.

Amity Junior and Senior High Schools were high quality public schools because many of the teachers were Yale graduates, and some teachers had spouses working through graduate and post-graduate programs at Yale. I am still in occasional contact with my Carl Yohans, my 7th grade geometry teacher.

Edward Karoll, head of the department of biology, showed a film presentation of St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD to the class because he felt that I was ideally suited for such a curriculum. I was voted “Class Philosopher” in the year book. It was not until mid-life that I realized how literally accurate that assessment was.

St. John’s, Annapolis, MD was an incredible four year experience of reading “The Hundred Great Books.” All courses were required for all students, no electives! All students are required to start as Freshmen (i.e. no transfer of credits.) There were a few students who had finished one or two years at some other college, but chose to start all over again at St. John’s.

There is a great advantage to spending four years in a community of 400 people who all share common experiences and interests. Every meal in the dining hall was a learning experience, discussing our current readings.

Language, science and mathematics was required for all four years. The first two years we studied ancient Greek and the second two years we studied French.

Mathematics began with Euclid’s Elements of geometry.


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