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Social Networking and Gainful Employment

June 3, 2010

To Myspace friend Rich in NC regarding :

Hi, I was just thinking about you and LinkedIn. I haven’t checked LinkedIn for six months. I know one fellow, Kamal, near Boston, who uses Facebook a lot and wants to run for election in his city/town. He pays an annual fee to Linkedin to use its advanced “Pro” services. Other people I know use Facebook for that networking/job finding purpose.

People seeking high end/ high visibility / high pay jobs will probably benefit the most by LinkedIn. Of course, you never know who is going to discover you anyplace. I suppose with all due respect Myspace is the least likely medium to hook up with anyone job related.

My FLICKR link, by the way, is and my WordPress blog which also serves as Resume/Curricula Vitae is .

Of course with the economy suffering and so many laid off and now, war upon war, and earthquakes and oil spills, networking is not going to be as productive.


Yesterday, Wednesday, June 2, I had to visit my dentist, Dr.Tsiolas, to repair a chipped tooth.

The Importance of Backing Up

November 23, 2009

This is not quite as eloquent as “The Importance of Being Ernest”
but it is far more important.

My total Ubuntu crash sobered me to the realization that I am not backing up everthing that I should be.

For one examble, my bookmarks on

If I click on settings there is an EXPORT feature. I download, right click on the download, choose OPEN CONTAINING FOLDER and then copy it to my USB flash drive, to a folder of MYBACKUPS to a folder called DELICIOUS to a folder dated with todays date 20091123.

And Oh, by the way, I am in Ubuntu, and they are so clever to have the time and date right on the desktop at the upper right (so unlike Windows, where I have to hover over the Date on the lower right taskbar, and half the time it does not show!)

And it never occured to me that my Ubuntu email server offers a backup and restore method.

After I finished backing up Evolution Email client (to a gz tar zip on my flash drive USB), I noticed some instability, and closed and then relaunched Evolution, but now it seems to be OK.