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Dog Walking by Neil South St. Seaport NYC

August 18, 2010

My friends Neil and Charlotte offer a dog walking service in the Fulton Street, Pearl Street, Water Street, South Street Seaport, Wall Street area in Lower Manhattan, Zip Code 10038 .


Contact Neil at (917) 363-1259

Benefits of SPRINT Blackberry Curve 8530

June 14, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday Friday FREE BLACKBERRY CURVE
June 16-18 2010
SPRINT at 120 Water St. is THE BEST!
Phone: 212-269-7100
Pay $100 and get $100 rebate.

Normally you would pay $150 and get $100 back in rebate for a net cost of appx. $50.

First 30 days CHANGE phones with NO restocking fee (Water St. Only)

2 year contract at $69.99 per month (early cancellation is only $200)

Sunday, I thought my camera was broken but it was just “confused.”
The friendly SPRINT staff at 120 Water Street helped me in 3 minutes flat!

The simple solution is to pull out the battery for a moment and then replace it causing the phone to REBOOT. I take about 200 photos every day. This is the only time in 3 months that the camera locked up like this. Occasionally the overlapping multi-tasks of the Blackberry can get confused and freeze. Removing and replacing the battery is different from turning the phone off and turning it back on. The SPRINT technician told me he rarely sees a camera actually broken.

Slide show:

NOTE: All the recent photos on my Flickr page were taken with the Blackberry 2 megapixel camera!

Thank God I have a $7/month insurance plan with SPRINT. If anything should ever go wrong with the Blackberry, they will immediately repair or replace. I was under the impression that you could only LOSE the phone ONCE and they would replace the $400 phone with a $100 co-pay. But SPRINT will actually replace your lost phone THREE TIMES in one year. If you lose it a forth time, you are on your own and must pay full price.

BUT, get THIS, the IPHONE has NO insurance plan whatsoever!

I figure it THIS way (but this is purely my conjecture)…

Only responsible old business fart types want Blackberry Curves… so they will never lose it three times or even once. The profit margin in the Blackberry Curve is probably huge, while the profit margin in iphone is narrow.

Crazy skate-boarding teens and college kids get the iphone, and they will lose/damage it A LOT.

Therefore SPRINT can afford to be generous with the Blackberry Curve insurance plan.

I know someone who has BOTH a Blackberry for work and an Android for fun. She admits that getting e-mail on the Android is a pain. The big attraction of the Android is a super-fast browser and tons of 3rd party applications. But if you are a serious business person who mainly wants something optimized for e-mail, text message, and phone calls plus SECURITY and robust reliability then the Blackberry is for you. The Android is more bleeding edge right now though that will surely change in the next two years.

I have used the sluggish Blackberry browser plenty of times and it is quite usable. Once you find the page you need chances are you will spend a long time reading it at which point browser/internet speed is NOT an issue. I never play games of any sort so I have little interest in 3rd party applications.

With SPRINT you get UNLIMITED calls to ANY cell phone ANY carrier ANY time (24/7). The only limit is 450 anytime minutes per month to and from LAND LINES (incoming or outgoing calls) and that is in effect only Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Weekends and after 7pm is free. And 7 p.m. is a lot more generous than the 9 p.m. of other plans!

Here is an interesting fact. I spoke with a visitor from Scandanavia who told me that there are NO providers for Blackberry in his country. He had an Android.

South St. Seaport Pastel Portraits $15

May 18, 2010

I was able to create this website in 40 minutes while sipping coffee.
All these pics are from my 2 megapixel Blackberry camera! is TOTALLY FREE. Anyone can create a website in less than an hour. If I had known what I was doing and had the photos all picked out, I could have created this free website in 15 minutes FLAT!

If you plan to be near South Street Seaport, Pier 17 (with a BEAUTIFUL view of the Brooklyn Bridge) then plan on getting a fully framed pastel portrait which Jan Rhodes can do in about 20 minutes. She also does larger portraits up to $150. She PREFERS to work with a live pose but she WILL consider doing a portrait from your favorite photo (INCLUDING PET PORTRAITS OF DOGS, CATS, BIRDS, etc.)

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Get on down to South St. Seaport or E-mail a treasured photo to Jan for a free consultation and estimate.

FLICKR photo set 1 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

FLICKR photo set 2 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

FLICKR photo set 3 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

UPDATE: May 30, 2010

I jused Scribus open source (free) publishing software to create my first attempt at a Newsletter for Jan:

Here are three video tutorials clearly explaining the basics of using Scribus to create a one page newsletter.

And here is my first attempt at a Windows Movie Maker slide show with sound track using shots from my Blackberry 2 megapixel camera.

I called this SexInTheNYCity

New School & Speaker Quinn Shopping Survey

May 12, 2010

Sent to Speaker Quinn’s office via this website link:

Soutbridge Towers Management has distributed to each co-operator a questionnaire ALLEGEDLY from your office, inquiring about our shopping habits, with instructions to simply return the form to the management office. I would like YOUR assurance that this is legitimate, and I feel it would be more professional for such a questionnaire to be mailed, emailed or faxed to YOUR office, since the information requested is NOT the business of Southbridge Towers Management.

The form is entitled

New School Food Market Analysis Resident Survey

and states:

The New School University, in partnership with New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn’s office, is doing a survey of residents and shoppers to help gauge interest in the idea of a year-round market developed near the Seaport. Your input is valuable and we thank you for your time! Please return the completed survey to the Management Office by Thursday, May 13.

IF in fact this is a hoax and your office is NOT aware of such a survey, then I demand that you take legal actions to the full extent of the law to discourage such hoaxes and misrepresentation. And I suggest in the future that your design such surveys with a link to some website since we are living in the 21st century. Offering an on-line form will save time and energy, and will lend greater credibility to the survey as well as ensure our rights to privacy and confidentiality.

I will be happy to scan the form and email or fax the form to you. Please advise. Thanks!