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Photos Wed. June 2 Blackberry Curve

June 3, 2010

I started taking photos with my Blackberry Curve 2 megapixel around 11am and stopped around 7pm so lets call it 7 hours to be conservative. In that time I shot 646 pictures totaling 285 meg. For the first time I decided to CHANGE the photo options to the highest quality/ highest file size and I set adjustment to AUTOMATIC (rather than sunny/cloudy/etc).

I would guess it too me 2 or 3 hours to copy the pics from the camera to a folder, upload to FLICKR using batch upload (Verizon DSL) and then create a slide show for Peal The Mime (which was my first priority). The actual upload to Flickr took over an hour. It seems to me like I have pushed the Blackberry camera to its limits. Half the shots were of Pearl the Mime in a kind of shady afternoon light. The other half were of buildings and landscape in bright noon sunlight. The Blackberry Curve camera seems to do better with distance and landscape in bright light than with close-ups of faces.

When I clicked on Flickr EDIT to examine the first photos to upload, the quality was quite disappointing but later the same photos viewed in the Flickr slideshow seemed much better though not as sharp as I would like. I am guessing that Flicker does not attempt to display as high a quality during edit as it does in the slide show.

My first real Google WAVE post

May 21, 2010

The Google Wave Guide (above chapter) opened my eyes to THIS: with:public flickr in the WAVE search field brings up many PUBLIC waves on FLICKR. I just now entered (in the field next to NEW WAVE: top middle of screen) with:public flickr and then decided to FOLLOW “Photographers on Twitter – Twittographers. ”

The first reply I noticed from this thread was from someone expressing an interest in getting an Android. Here is my response:

I recently had to change from T-Mobile to SPRINT and had to decide if I wanted to stick with Blackberry Curve or get an Andriod. I decided that Blackberry is tried-and true (albeit with a sluggish browser) whereas Android is still too “bleeding edge.” Don’t get a track-ball because the break and get sweaty. Rather, get a track sensor pad (no moving part). Blackberry is optimized for business emails, calls, messages. Corporations go with Blackberry because they can have a Blackberry server which controls and monitors what each employee does with their Blackberry. BTW, Windows based phones are wide open in the sense of security exploits so I am told. Android offers a ton of free or cheap 3rd party apps, but if you dont play games and all you do is email and phone and message, then you wont find a need for the apps.

Blackberry and wifi hotspots

March 30, 2010

I suddenly realized that I may define my Verizon DSL wi-fi as a saved hotspot on my Blackberry, and have it automatically switch to my DSL whenever it detects it. The advantage is faster blackberry browser, email … it makes no difference in terms of charges

At Barnes & Noble

October 2, 2009

Browsing books on Skype & Blackberry hacks from O’Reilly.

I posted this blog from my BlackBerry, sending it as an E-Mail to the secret e-mail address that WordPress provides for posting via e-mail.

One of the “Hacking” books was on Skype, and helped me solve at least one problem. The previous owner of this computer spoke French.  Everytime I launched Skype, it came up in French, although once I logged in as myself, it reverted to my preference for English.

Here are the notes I took on my Blackberry from “Skype Hacking” and also from the O’Reilly book “Blackbery Hacking.”

O’Reilly isbn 0-596-101893 Skype Hacks Andrew Sheppard

The solution to the French problem was to –

1). Set computer options to SHOW hidden files

2.) Enter the French users folder, enter APPLICATIONS, enter Skype, and remove his profile folder.

THE reason that Skype launched in French was because the French speakers user file was the first one it encountered.  After I removed it from the Skype folder, that user name no longer appeared.

C:/docs & settings/username/application data/skype/skypename

Also –

There is one crucial file that controls Skype:  Config.xml

C:/docs & settings/username/application data/skype/skypename/config.xml

Rename that file & Skype will rebuild it with default values

Another crucial file is Shared.xml

Tools folder options view advanced show hidden files
Delete user name

Docs&settings username application data skype username

Here is a tool which can be used to allocate extra bandwidth to the Skype application

Skype Incoming speed 24.5 outgoing 11.5

I would love to have Skype on my BlackBerry, to see if it functions better on T-Mobile than on my desktop with Verizon DSL, which has given me some poor connections where the other party cannot hear my voice.

Here is another BlackBerry tip:

I can create an account in and bookmark pages with a tag of DESKTOP

Then I can use Bloglines to create an RSS feed from my for anything tagged DESKTOP. In this way I can remember to view on the desktop pages which are of interest but which would be difficult to view on the BlackBerry.

Verichat is a BlackBerry application which lets you combine many different IM accounts (AOL, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN) into one IM application, which is very similar to what Trillian does on the desktop.

Finally, I learned that if I need a full size keyboard for the BlackBerry, I can purchase a Freedom input bluetooth keyboard, which wirelessly connects to my BlackBerry.

Voice message on BlackBerry

September 28, 2009

E-mailed to myself, at amr format. Then converted to mp3 using
Switch Sound File Converter

and posted it to WordPress using Soundcloud

Alice in BlackBerry Wonderland

September 26, 2009

(just ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall)

I have had the BlackBerry CURVE Model 8520 for 48 hours now and I love it. It is a LOT of work to get up to speed with all the features. There is an online tutorial entitled BlackBerry 101

I think this is the actual tutorial I worked through yesterday

which takes several hours, and perhaps several viewings for everything to sink in.

I integrated the BlackBerry with my Windows XP Destop (Microsoft Outlook). The wizards make things quick and effortless. Each time I plug the BB into the USB, the synchronization takes place, so that I can do lots of data entry for addresses notes and calendar appointments on a full keyboard and then have them appear in the BB (without THUMBING them in). I have Instant Message accounts in ICQ (which no one seems to use these days), AIM (AOL), Yahoo, and G-mail G-chat. BlackBerry provides a PIN so that I may exchange PINs with other BB users and use BBM (Blackberry Messaging). My 24 yr old stepson is on Blackberry, so I can instantly chat with him. BBM seems much faster than the other IM programs, but they are all fast. I integrated my and my with the BB. I wanted both Facebook (associated with w… AND ALSO Myspace (associated with l……… … and you MUST associate the related email account with the networking application in order to have it on the BB. I get the feeling that everyone sees me on-line in everything, Myspace, Facebook, etc. I use a lot, so I made a bookmark in the BB browser and whenever I click it, I am already logged into plurk because the cookies is always there I suppose unless and until I explicitly log out. Send me your BBM pin if you like, to test things out. Promise I won’t SPAM you, ha ha.

My pharmacist, who happens to be a good friend, sold me on the idea of T-Mobile. He uses a windows based touch screen model called DASH (I think). He says it is EASIER to learn and use, but does not have all the bells and whistles of BlackBerry, and he admits he is kind of lazy and just wants to do the minimum of Google search, email and phone. But all of Wall Street (which is 4 blocks from our apartment and the T-Mobile store I used) standardizes on Blackberry, and I am looking for a new job, so I feel I need to know as much as possible about Blackberry functionality.

T-Mobile is a GREAT company as far as support and customer satisfaction, my pharmacist friend, John, said that any time he has the slightest complaint, they are available 24/7 and make it right for him.

I opted for 1500 anytime minutes a month with nights and weekends free to out of network. Of course in-network T-mobile calls are unlimited free. If I see that I am hitting the limit, I can quickly upgrade (or downgrade) the minutes plan. But overage is a steep 0.40 per minute, so one must watch time and charges like a hawk.

Skype, so far, has been a big disappointment! I bought a Skype-in land line for $30/year and $3/month for unlimited calls to USA and Canada, but my voice and the other party’s voice keeps dropping out, no matter what I do. Skype claims it is the fault of the Internet Provider (which for me is Verizon DSL). Skype calls which are computer-to-computer are excellent quality and totally free.