Stuff I Use A LOT is a great, free text editor, but consider making a donation to the authors of all these great free things, if you find you have discretionary income.

If you need a business website for cheap, like under $20 per month, then get a Yahoo website and email, which comes with SITEBUILDER to easily create your website. You probably wont have the Picasso of websites, but you can modify it in a NY minute, and it will get the job done.

Reminder to self: mention Ventura Desktop Publishing from the 1980s.

It is difficult to handle a hundred different passwords, and 10 login email accounts without an encrypted password storage/retrieval utility such as clipperz, keepass, etc.

My first choice is . To give it a try, simply choose a name (e.g. JohnnyAppleseed) and some long, secure password (e.g. appleS1ANDorangEs2) . Clipperz does not store your email address or any personal information about you. The source code for clipperz is in public domain so you may have it examined to assure yourself that everything which you enter is encrypted BEFORE it reaches the clipperz server and is DE-encrypted only on your desktop, when you have retrieved the requested data from their server. You may SAVE a read only verison of to your local drive or to a memory stick so that you may access your passwords even when you do not have Internet access or during some rare moment when the clipperz server is down for maintenance. You may EXPORT your clipperz password data to a JSON file, which is a text file containing an encrypted form of your data (hence anyone who views the JSON will not be able to guess any encrypted information). You may also, if you choose print out a readible report of your password logins in PDF format, BUT should anyone else find it, then your security has been breached. Some people choose to install the source code on their own Company servers.

Speaking of backup convenience, one of the great things about this free blog is the fact that you may BACK IT UP to an xml file any time you please, and then upload that backup, with all your posts, categories, pages, comments, etc. to some different WordPress blog. The ability to back up a blog is essential, because over the course of months or years, one may invest literally hundreds of hours writing essays which would be irreplaceable should the hosting service enter bankruptcy.

Paul Wilders has created one the largest and best security forums on the internet. You can get help for almost any PC problem imaginable there.

Here is a good introduction to FIREWALLS.

Best free zip-unzip file compression freeware

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