Software Chit-Chat

Spybot is great! I dont use Kaspersky but it bailed me out 7 years ago when nothing else would remove a stubborn trojan. I use AVG Free by Grisoft on one machine, and Avira Anti-Vir on another. I used Spybot’s “teatimer” monitor for two years at work, on a Dell XP with no problems. I always keep several browsers handy. Sometimes if Firefox has a problem, Internet Explorer will work. I was thinking of installing Chrome, but then I think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sometimes a problem can be solved by clearing all cookies.

My good friend Nyc Labrets wisely pointed out that Facebook has grown from zero to astronomical in an amazingly short time. So Facebook is similar to New York City, in that if everyone flushes the toilet at once, it’s a miracle that it works at all. Shades of Goethe’s Faust, Part II, where Faust tries to sweep back the ocean and create a city-state (… well, I am taking some poetic license here). We sold our souls to the devil but we got some slick technology. Now that we have become “as gods” all we need to do is learn to be humane.


If you use bookmarks then you may periodically back up all your bookmarks by clicking on SETTINGS then under BOOKMARKS click on EXPORT/BACKUP BOOKMARKS. You may also backup your blog at and your passwords saved at – If you go a week without backing up and something becomes corrupted/hijacked then you lose a weeks work which might be difficult to reconstruct.


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