Northeastern Wallpaper

Here I will describe my experiences at Northeastern Wallpaper

Northeastern Wallpaper Company was on Summer Street in Boston several blocks down from the Amtrack Station and Atlantic Avenue.

I was given my second job as a computer operator on an IBM System III Model 15A programmed in RPGII.

I moved into the Hotel Essex across the street from the train station so I lived only 4 blocks from work. I had the keys to the building so I could come and go as I pleased. I was able to teach myself RPG II programming. I worked there for about 18 months I believe.

Each night as I walked back to the Hotel Essex I would pass by Stone & Webster Engineering. One evening around 7pm I saw some women leaving the building and reasoned to myself that they must work with computers, so I asked them and they said they worked in a department that also utilized an IBM System III Model 15D (more powerful than the A). It was because of that chance encounter that I later sent a blind application to Stone & Websters and was immediately hired as a programmer.


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