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South St. Seaport Pastel Portraits $15

May 18, 2010

I was able to create this website in 40 minutes while sipping coffee.
All these pics are from my 2 megapixel Blackberry camera! is TOTALLY FREE. Anyone can create a website in less than an hour. If I had known what I was doing and had the photos all picked out, I could have created this free website in 15 minutes FLAT!

If you plan to be near South Street Seaport, Pier 17 (with a BEAUTIFUL view of the Brooklyn Bridge) then plan on getting a fully framed pastel portrait which Jan Rhodes can do in about 20 minutes. She also does larger portraits up to $150. She PREFERS to work with a live pose but she WILL consider doing a portrait from your favorite photo (INCLUDING PET PORTRAITS OF DOGS, CATS, BIRDS, etc.)

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Get on down to South St. Seaport or E-mail a treasured photo to Jan for a free consultation and estimate.

FLICKR photo set 1 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

FLICKR photo set 2 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

FLICKR photo set 3 CLICK ON SLIDESHOW small letters upper right

UPDATE: May 30, 2010

I jused Scribus open source (free) publishing software to create my first attempt at a Newsletter for Jan:

Here are three video tutorials clearly explaining the basics of using Scribus to create a one page newsletter.

And here is my first attempt at a Windows Movie Maker slide show with sound track using shots from my Blackberry 2 megapixel camera.

I called this SexInTheNYCity