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Is Detroit a Dangerous City?

May 2, 2011

A college student on the subway asked if Detroit is a dangerous city. I said I suspect yes but I suggested google searches.,_Michigan

In November 2007, the city of Detroit had been named the most dangerous city in the country by the Morgan Quitno report published by CQ Press (the FBI discourages the use of its crime statistics for the direct comparison of cities as Morgan Quitno does in its “Most Dangerous Cities” rankings).[20] due to the many variables that influence crime in a particular study area such as population density and the degree of urbanization, modes of transportation of highway system, economic conditions, and citizens’ attitudes toward crime.

Inkscape. Draw Freely.

March 17, 2011

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Escrow Funds

March 4, 2011


The crowd funding approach has long precedents in the sphere of charity[citation needed]. It is receiving renewed attention from both commercial and social entrepreneurs now that social media, online communities and micropayment technology make it straightforward to engage and secure donations from a group of potentially interested supporters at very low cost.

One of the pioneers of crowdfunding in the music industry have been the British rock group Marillion. In 1997 American fans underwrote an entire US tour[2] to the tune of $60,000, with donations following an internet campaign – an idea conceived and managed by the fans before any involvement by the band. Marillion has later used crowdfunding with great success as a method to fund the recording and marketing of several albums, Anoraknophobia,[2]Marbles[3] and Happiness Is the Road.[4]

Crowdfunding in the film industry was pioneered by Spanner Films with the climate change documentary The Age of Stupid[5]. The Age of Stupid team, headed up by Franny Armstrong, successfully raised more than £900,000 over a period of 5 years (december 2004 to 2009, date of release) to cover both the production and promotion of the film. The film’s crew worked at very low wages but also received crowd-funding “shares”. Under the terms of the crowd-funding contract the investors and crew are paid once a year for ten years from the release of the film.[6]

They were followed by french entrepreneurs and producers Guillaume Colboc and Benjamin Pommeraud from company fr:Guyom Corp. when they launched a public internet donation campaign in August 2004 to fund their film, Demain la Veille (Waiting for Yesterday).[7]. Within 3 weeks, they managed to raise nearly $50,000, allowing them to shoot their film.

Crowdfunding’s earliest known citation[citation needed] was by Michael Sullivan, fundavlog, August 12, 2006, "Many things are important factors, but funding from the ‘crowd’ is the base of which all else depends on and is built on. So, Crowdfunding is an accurate term to help me explain this core element of fundavlog."

Financial core

March 4, 2011

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February 27, 2011

Path train at WTC
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The evil that men do

November 6, 2010

HMMM…. well, how about war, napalm, neutron bombs, free fire zones… I mean, only when the going gets tough, when we have no choice, when it’s our patriotic duty to make the world a safe place for democracy,…then we need free-fire zones, I mean, what is a fella supposed to do (hey do I sound like Pynchon yet…) then the Dresden fire bombing is actually noble,… Hiroshima and Nagasaki actually saved more Japanese lives than they took… you see, those fetus lives ARE precious and inviolable, but in just 16 short years all that preciousness wears off… and we send them out in the jungles of the Congo to do what they have to do… oh … wait, did you say that is not YOU, that someone else is doing that,… well…hmmm.. Abraham Heschel said that few are guilty but all are responsible… so arn’t YOU a bit responsible? No… Yes… What did you do to stop any of it… Oh, there was NOTHING you could do, you were helpless, a victim…well, I see… yes, you are quite right, sorry I brought this up… I get confused sometimes… you know, moral issues are so confusing…

Ron Chernow’s “Washington: A Life,” review : The New Yorker

September 25, 2010

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Isadora Duncan

September 12, 2010

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September 7, 2010

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Finding Happiness and Avoiding Sorrow

August 22, 2010

Each day I see you asking the same questions in search of something that seems to elude you … I wish I could find something to say that would help you…. Look at our nation of endless stump speeches and elections filled with promises of “a chicken in every pot”… lots of talk, lots of problems, wars, corruption, pollution .. illness…
Language is useful and talk helps but it doesnt help much…

Every company has a “statement of purpose” even fast food hamburger joints! How much of it is just crap and rhetoric?

The little Falafel stall across the street from me has a website, I have a website, everyone has a website, … there is a doughnut truck that TWEETS its location and specials and people follow it about….

And what do all these words and promises and stump speeches accomplish..

A woman with a great sorrow once came to the Buddha for advice. He told her to bring him one single grain of rice from a household that had never known sorrow. She traveled the land far and wide knocking on every door and each family told her of their sorrows and tragedies. Finally, the woman realized that she would never find that single grain of rice. She failed in her impossible task but she was able to put her sorrows and joys into perspective.

Sometimes you say that people come up and hug and kiss and you are uncertain and uncomfortable. Other times you speak with great longing for some kind of connection and intimacy.

IF it is the case that you are in some kind of double-bind where you desire and fear the same thing… (and what that thing might be I cannot say)… then you are doomed to forever vacillate and pine away for something that cannot be.

So perhaps make a list of what it is you really want that would make you happy and another list of what you dislike and want to avoid. Next make plans for how to achieve that list of desires and avoid that list of undesirable things.

As a nation, as a world, we are spinning in circles of stump speeches, rhetoric, buzz-words, definitions, criticisms, complaints and we are stalled. Perhaps an entire nation or world is doomed to be like that. But there are individuals who have a little shack or hut or apartment and a small family with a dog or cat or some chickens, and they find some kind of happiness and fulfillment and peace with those simple things.

I am trying to help you the only way I know how. Perhaps I am doing it all wrong. But I do read what you write each day and give it some serious thought.


1.) this is FB and not a doctoral dissertation, so I am free to sit here in my underware drinking coffee and type 80 wpm and say whatever I am thinking or feeling… and anyone is free to read or not read, and comment or not comment, and agree, or tell me I am a driveling idiot, or say something truly profound… so I dont think it is a matter of rocket science for anyone to envision the context and mood of what I say.

2.) there is nothing wrong with stream of consciousness or run on sentences… Apostle Paul has some huge paragraph long sentences…. James Joyce wrote the way he wrote (and we all here know how that was) and people laughed at him and now people wonder at the fact that he never won a Nobel…. so there is nothing in the world wrong with stream of consciousness, and people pay a lot of money to lie on a therapists couch and do that.

3.) I have quickly read your post Alex, and I am grateful that you keep me on your list and take the time to say anything.. and I shall reread it several times since I am simultaneously cooking breakfast for my wife, but SO FAR all i see is a load of platitudes which is what we were all trained to do, and you have not contributed anything to the substance of what I have said so far which is

a.) it does not good to complain and criticize and never offer solutions
b.) our nation and our world are seriously broken and we need some kind of new model of governance
c.) the clock is ticking for the human race…. our sun will one day become a white dwarf… etc …