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Are you saved?

November 23, 2010

The following is the most peculiar thing I ever heard from a convert to Russian Orthodoxy who sought ordination to the priesthood:

William: My question is simply this: what would you say to someone who asked you “are you saved?” Seriously, what is the Russian Orthodox answer to that?

DESERT FATHER: I would say I am saved, in being saved, I will be saved

William: Interesting, but a Greek Orthodox Christian would not say

DESERT FATHER: It’s a three part answer:

1.) Christ saved us 2000 years ago.

2.) Yet we are now being saved in that we work out our faith in fear
and trembling.

3.) And I will be saved on Judgment day.

William: A Greek would say that “the judgment of God is a mystery to man.”


Seize the day! If not now, WHEN?

May 16, 2010

Carpe means “pick, pluck, pluck off, gather”, but Horace uses the word to mean “enjoy, make use of.” In Horace, the phrase is part of the longer Carpe diem quam minime credula postero – “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future”, and the ode says that the future is unknowable, and that instead one should scale back one’s hopes to a brief future, and drink one’s wine. This phrase is usually understood against Horace’s Epicurean background.

The phrase “And if not now, when?” (Pirkei Avoth 1:14) comes to us from Jewish Talmudic wisdom.

Paltalk wav recording Vladimir Nabokov

May 14, 2010

This is a 1 hour and 20 min. (appx) recording of me discussing a number of topics with a charming young woman from the south of France. There is a gap where I suddenly had to take a telephone call and I had to mute the Paltalk room. The quality of sound though not the best is very understandable and is representative of the quality that you may expect when using Paltalk (which is totally free).

This SoundCloud recording IS downloadable.

Towards the very end of the discussion I make some points about Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita mentioning the movie version starring Jeremy Irons.

Paltalk Bible Discussion on Wisdom

April 17, 2010

I gained a new insight yesterday during a long Bible discussion in Paltalk.


..physical anthropology and molecular biology combine to make a convincing case for the origin of the human species in Africa about 150,000 yeas ago in a humanoid population of common genetic lineage.

Here is an excerpt of my reply to a Facebook thread on this:

You all miss the whole point of my post I suspect. Someone in Paltalk said they doubted that the RC would accept anything which contradicts Genesis


, on the contrary, the Pope acknowledges that geneticists and physicists have made strong arguments; i.e. the RC his hardly fundamentalist. There are Roman Catholic Old Testament scholars who deconstruct the Old Testament to reveal the existence of various authors in say Genesis based upon style of language and who entertain as a reasonable conjecture such theories as those of Julius Wellhausen (Prolegomena to the History of Israel – 1878) recognizing four sources of authorship; Yahwest (J), Elohist (E), Priestly (P) and Deuteronomist (D).

In particular I am impressed by “Reading The Old Testament – An Introduction” by Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P, Paulist Press ISBN 0-8091-2631-1

Lawrence Boadt, CSP, is an ordained priest in the Paulist Fathers, and professor emeritus of Scripture Studies at the Washington Theological Union. He has written and spoken widely on Old Testament topics, and currently serves as the president and publisher of Paulist Press in Mahwah, NJ.

Even in the 4th century Basil the Great wrote the Hexemeron essay on the six day creation in Genesis and stressed that something like a day could be a metaphor for an eon, since the psalms say that “for God, one day is a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day.” The early century Greek theologians were hardly fundamentalists who took each verse at its literal meaning. At least the Ratzinger was willing to tip his hat to the geneticists and entertain the possibility that they may be on to something. People who insist the Earth is 6000 years old are utterly silly.

(end of excerpt)

First, consider that the serpent in the garden was described as the wisest or shrewdest of all the creatures. Next, consider how King Solomon prayed for wisdom and God promised Solomon that he would not only be wiser that all who came before him but also wiser than all who came after him. Now consider that Jesus calls John the Baptist the greatest man born of WOMAN (which is gyne but not parthenos/virgin). Finally, Jesus states that “a wiser than a Solomon is in your midst” (presumably himself).

We may conjecture from all this the following.

1.) Solomon IS the wisest human of all times, but Jesus is WISER being theos-anthropos and not simply anthropos (i.e. God-man).

2.) If John the Baptist is the greatest born of a non-virgin (gyne) therefore John’s greatest consists in something OTHER than wisdom (i.e. wisdom is necessary but not sufficient).

3.) Genesis concedes that a non-human, the serpent, might be more crafty or shrewd that all other creatures, including humans.

The Greeks like to cite a verse from Isaiah “unless you BELIEVE you shall not UNDERSTAND” to stress that FAITH comes first as a gift from God who foreknows how each recipient will use a gift (yet such foreknowledge in no way robs anyone of free will). Maximos the Confessor (circa 6th century) states in the Philokalia that (paraphrased) “Faith comes first as a gift and from faith proceeds understanding but only as much as is necessary to be salvific for a recipient.”

Aquinas takes the opposite position in the Summa, namely, that understanding comes first and faith follows from understanding.

Handwriting On the Wall- Weighed & Wanting

April 2, 2010

diogr49: folks were chatting while you read but i let them be free

diogr49: and I noticed a few Amens

dio mio_2: i am nobody

diogr49: well, BUT, you were reading about a Somebody

dio mio_2: they let me pray the office in the different rooms

dio mio_2: yes

diogr49: but it is not good for me to be a Catholic Nazi

diogr49: ha ha

dio mio_2: its a big time right now fir us catholics

dio mio_2: catholic fascist?

diogr49: you know, strict,

diogr49: chastizing others

dio mio_2: i was chatised right of a big room once

diogr49: God moves whom He will and God is sufficient

dio mio_2: it was my loss

dio mio_2: sounds like st theresa of avila

diogr49: the more judgmental people are the more they seek to hide their own uncertainty

diogr49: in the final analysis, there IS no analysis; all is subjective

dio mio_2: but you dont have rules and norms law and order universal teaching where are you?

diogr49: everything stands or falls in the final I-Thou relationship

diogr49: well, the world is filled with laws as it is filled with transgressors

dio mio_2: the i thou relationship i havent hears that expression for many a year

diogr49: one cannot legislate morality

diogr49: it just popped into my head

diogr49: our minds can be conduits if we become quiet

dio mio_2: my father confessor talked of the i thou relationship

diogr49: like wi-fi routers or hot spots

dio mio_2: he was fransiscan

dio mio_2: whats a conduit socrates?

diogr49: Carl Rogers used an interesting technique, of serving as a MIRROR to the other

dio mio_2: please explain

diogr49: well, we cannot know what conducts us

diogr49: from the good treasury of the good heart the good person brings forth good things

dio mio_2: i see

diogr49: but we are judged by every word

diogr49: and presumably every thought

dio mio_2: it all become a bit much fo r us to bear

dio mio_2: scrupulosity is not good

diogr49: for there is only one “knower of the heart” as Prophet Samuel was informed when he was sent to find king David

diogr49: there is among the Greeks economia and akrivia or exactness

diogr49: so by strictness we do one thing, and by economy we tolerate other things

diogr49: things which deviate from strictness

dio mio_2: yes i suppose so

diogr49: so “If you would be PERFECT then go and do these most difficult things and take up your cross”

dio mio_2: i would not be perfect

diogr49: BUT if you would simply gain eternal life, then at least observe THESE things

dio mio_2: i will try

diogr49: ah, but Jesus said those words to one person, so, they must serve some purpose

diogr49: not to all, but to a few at least

dio mio_2: yes diogr

diogr49: one man wanted to follow the disciples but was gently turned away

diogr49: and the Spirit in Acts forbade preaching in a certain region during that season of time

diogr49: the sheep know their masters voice, but as the Greeks say, we are LOGIKA PROBATA (logical sheep) so we must listen and discern.. for faith comes by hearing (listening) and hearing by the Word

diogr49: and we pray that bishops RIGHTLY DIVIDE or interpret the word

dio mio_2: are you copying this from a book?

diogr49: but, we are all vessels of clay

diogr49: no, i speak from my thoughts extemporaneously

dio mio_2: gbu

dio mio_2: but you have so many thoughts

dio mio_2: is not one enough to ponder for a lifetime?

diogr49: if you read “The pilgrim” by an anonymous russian, who says the prayer of the heart, then you notice that the pilgrim internalizes the scriptures until it becomes his nature

diogr49: but you see i am a parrot whose cage has been in some interesting parlors

dio mio_2: ok

diogr49: so, i repeat what i have heard many times

dio mio_2: yes i am nothing but a clever monkey ot parrot myself

diogr49: but, through the alembic of my memory and personality, it is transformed and seems fresh

diogr49: Yeats prefaces all his poems with one line from Augustine

diogr49: Oh thou Beauty most ancient yet most fresh! Far and wide I did seek thee, and all along, Thou was withing

dio mio_2: very good

diogr49: in Euclidian geometry if point A is distance X from point B, then B is equally distance X from point A

diogr49: BUT in spiritual geometry, though we may be distant from the divinity, the divinity yet dwells within us, very near

diogr49: Paul said something like this

dio mio_2: gbu diog

diogr49: the ancient Greek prayer “O Thou who are everywere present and fillest all things COME AND ABIDE with in us”

dio mio_2: thankyu for a wounderful retreat

diogr49: how strange that we beckon that which is every where present to come and dwell within us

diogr49: but, you see, though we journey through many lands far and wide, we call only one place home

dio mio_2: i wish i had had time and no fear so i could have read and thought too

diogr49: so when the two apostles followed Jesus, and he showed them where he dwelled, the were quite amazed

diogr49: but why should they be amazed by a simple bed and table and chair

dio mio_2: i wish i had been to school

diogr49: but when Solomon completed the temple, he said “how can God, whom the universe cannot contain, dwell in this small temple

diogr49: Faith is a gift, given to each of us, as much as is necessary for the individual who has GIFTS DIFFERING… and from faith proceeds understanding, but only as much understanding as is necessary to be salvific

dio mio_2: yes diog

diogr49: but you see, this is not me speaking, but centuries of tradition

diogr49: which i have simply internalized

dio mio_2: it is you speaking

diogr49: birds sing, but it is not their song they sing

diogr49: well, yes, it is words on a screen

diogr49: words are sounds

diogr49: simply sounds

dio mio_2: its effort and heart

dio mio_2: its a will to share

dio mio_2: its self realisation

dio mio_2: actualisation

diogr49: habits can be our best friends or our worst enemies

diogr49: exactly

dio mio_2: its evnegism

dio mio_2: evangelism

diogr49: we choose through our free will

diogr49: nothing may happen without the individuals freewill consent

dio mio_2: one must be able to have a freewill

dio mio_2: that is not always possible

diogr49: Kierkegaard pointed out that it was Abrahams will to choose to empower the voice he heard as Gods voice and not some idle imagining

dio mio_2: maybe he was right

diogr49: Samuel as a youth heard a voice, but only when instructed by that elderly high priest did Samuel understand how to respond to that voice

diogr49: Eli, i forgot the high priests name for a moment

dio mio_2: without knowledge we are nothing

dio mio_2: or at least less tha n it

diogr49: Samuel was consecrated as a prophet before his conception, when Hanna his mother was praying

diogr49: and Samuel was sent to rebuke and reform the wayward sons of Eli

diogr49: and yet, aged Eli, failing in eyesight, was the vessel which preserved the tradition to guide young Prophet Samuel, now to respond to God’s voice

diogr49: so, in that very drama we see the problem and the solution

dio mio_2: whats the time with you there diogr?

diogr49: the problem is our fallen earthen nature, yet we are vessels which transmit the solution to all future ages in the form of tradition

dio mio_2: would you pray the divine office with me?

dio mio_2: evening prayer?

dio mio_2: we could take it in turns

dio mio_2: each reading a psalm or canticle

diogr49: how would i bring up the text

dio mio_2:

diogr49: yes i have mic, please give me link to reading

dio mio_2: vespers

diogr49: and instruct me when to read

dio mio_2:

diogr49: i was thinking of that verse, 2 or 3

dio mio_2: which was that dio?

diogr49: wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together

dio mio_2: you are something of a thinker which i am not!

diogr49: that is why 3 bishops are ideal to consecrate a new bishop, by akrivia exactness, but 2 are sufficient by economia

dio mio_2: ys that happens

diogr49: among the greeks and russian

dio mio_2: the greek and russian orthodox churches frighten me

dio mio_2: the universal does not

diogr49: what we do not know or understand frightens us

diogr49: we are frightened by the unknown

dio mio_2: yes true

dio mio_2: yes and by our own sin too

diogr49: and when we know all ways then we are at home and at peace with the world

diogr49: the truth is one, but the paths to it are many

dio mio_2: its most terrible to contemplate that our father in heaven saw us think and do our evil

dio mio_2: he was watching us

dio mio_2: that frightens me

diogr49: well, consider what it means to “hunger and thirst after righteousness”

dio mio_2: but e is ever merciful and loving

diogr49: normally we thirst long before we hunger

diogr49: yet, the bread is first, and THEN the wine

diogr49: only when flesh is pierced does blood flow

diogr49: and throughout the old and new testament, the phrase hunger and thirst appears NINE times

dio mio_2: ok

diogr49: but nine is a unique number, 2 times 9 is 18 but 8 plus 1 is nine

diogr49: 3 times 9 is 27 but seven plus 2 = 9

diogr49: so, 9 is like God… it mingles through the universe yet remains unchanged, untainted

dio mio_2: ok

diogr49: 9 is like God become man so that, as 4th cent. Athanasius said, man might become as God

diogr49: which is the divinization of mankind

diogr49: which is a Greek theme of the Christians of the first several centuries

diogr49: i was in a russian monastery and then a greek monastery in the 1970s

billy_b0777: dedication

diogr49: i was a novice for 13 months in the greek athonite monastery in brookline mass.

diogr49: nice

diogr49: may I have the link to Chrysostom’s homily, please

Reading From the Catecheses by Saint John Chrysostom, bishop
The power of Christ’s blood
If we wish to understand the power of Christ’s blood, we should go back to the ancient account of its prefiguration in Egypt. “Sacrifice a lamb without blemish,” commanded Moses, “and sprinkle its blood on your doors.” If we were to ask him what he meant, and how the blood of an irrational beast could possibly save men endowed with reason, his answer would be that the saving power lies not in the blood itself, but in the fact that it is a sign of the Lord’s blood. In those days, when the destroying angel saw the blood on the doors he did not dare to enter, so how much less will the devil approach now when he sees, not that figurative blood on the doors, but the true blood on the lips of believers, the doors of the temple of Christ.
If you desire further proof of the power of this blood, remember where it came from, how it ran down from the cross, flowing from the Master’s side. The gospel records that when Christ was dead, but still hung on the cross, a soldier came and pierced his side with a lance and immediately there poured out water and blood. Now the water was a symbol of baptism and the blood, of the holy Eucharist. The soldier pierced the Lord’s side, he breached the wall of the sacred temple, and I have found the treasure and made it my own. So also with the lamb: the Jews sacrificed the victim and I have been saved by it.
“There flowed from his side water and blood.” Beloved, do not pass over this mystery without thought; it has yet another hidden meaning, which I will explain to you. I said that water and blood symbolised baptism and the holy Eucharist. From these two sacraments the Church is born: from baptism, “the cleansing water that gives rebirth and renewal through the Holy Spirit,” and from the holy Eucharist. Since the symbols of baptism and the Eucharist flowed from his side, it was from his side that Christ fashioned the Church, as he had fashioned Eve from the side of Adam Moses gives a hint of this when he tells the story of the first man and makes him exclaim: “Bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh!” As God then took a rib from Adam’s side to fashion a woman, so Christ has given us blood and water from his side to fashion the Church. God took the rib when Adam was in a deep sleep, and in the same way Christ gave us the blood and the water after his own death.
Do you understand, then, how Christ has united his bride to himself and what food he gives us all to eat? By one and the same food we are both brought into being and nourished. As a woman nourishes her child with her own blood and milk, so does Christ unceasingly nourish with his own blood those to whom he himself has given life.
(end of homily)

diogr49: i just now realized

diogr49: Adam slept during creation of Eve

diogr49: Abraham was in trance before God came with vision

diogr49: and the apostles slept in Gethsemane while Christ worked part of the salvation

diogr49: so, three sleepings

dio mio_2:

diogr49: and three marriages

diogr49: marriage of male and female

diogr49: marriage of God and chosen people

diogr49: Marriage of Christ and Church

dio mio_2: wow diogr

diogr49: interesting

dio mio_2: you are very thoughtful

dio mio_2: very good

Alert: fitzy5729 reddotted by: diogr49

diogr49: i suspect bad intentions

diogr49: in that fellow

diogr49: he wants to bait us

dio mio_2: we are all sinners

diogr49: and Paul says not to fall to vain disputation

dio mio_2: i am the worst here

diogr49: if he has internet, he can easily seek meanings

billy_b0777: well dont take bite

diogr49: so, he lies,

dio mio_2: good billy!

diogr49: i knows perfectly well how HE wants to understand it

billy_b0777: yep

dio mio_2: hi billy

diogr49: i might be a fool but i aint born yesterday

billy_b0777: now that is funny

dio mio_2: i continually get it all wrong

diogr49: the russians always have “fools for Christ” but this is rare among greeks

billy_b0777: who ???

diogr49: a fool for Christ is someone who crucifies themselves with foolishness for Christs sake

billy_b0777: please

diogr49: whenever one visits Russian monasteries, one will often see someone who is child like and cared for by monastery

diogr49: seemingly devoid of adult reason

diogr49: if you google on RUSSIAN “FOOL FOR CHRIST” you will find much

diogr49: i am sure

dio mio_2: i am staying with Rome and the west DIO

dio mio_2: gbu


billy_b0777: good

diogr49: i have spent my life studying all world religions

dio mio_2: i have wasted my life

diogr49: but, even in waste, we spend

diogr49: we expend

dio mio_2: i am a beggar for gods help and mercy

dio mio_2: thats all i am really

dio mio_2: i am not much good to anyone

billy_b0777: good thing to me

diogr49: there is a story about a man in a flood, who climbed upon the roof and prayed for God’s help

diogr49: a boat came by, and offered him help but he said “i will wait for God”

diogr49: then a helicopter came, and offered him help, and he said I will wait for God

dio mio_2: yes thats a good story

diogr49: he finally died and came to heaven, and saw God and said, Why didnt you help me

diogr49: God said “I sent you a boat and a helicopter”

dio mio_2: poor me!

diogr49: we must be able to discern the help

diogr49: we may lead a horse to water but cannot force the horse to drink

dio mio_2: yes diogr

diogr49: Rumi said “seek THIRST for without thirst, water is of no value”

diogr49: so, i can say to you SEEK THIRST, but you must decide for yourself what is pure water, and what is muddy water

dio mio_2: diogr has been saying some great things

diogr49: pure water is never drawn from a broken cistern

diogr49: or well

diogr49: the early Greek bishops called a misguided pastor a broken cistern

diogr49: consider the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish

diogr49: they were ALL VIRGINS, all pure… purity is necessary but not sufficient

dio mio_2: we all live with that today

diogr49: the foolish lacked OIL, which in Greek is a pun on charity, works

catfishjim2000: were in the book that tell you diogr?

diogr49: oh, the Greeks have spoken of all this for centuries

catfishjim2000: as l have not come across it

dio mio_2: amazing diogr

catfishjim2000: have not

diogr49: in the Greek monasteries, these are old logs to the lumberjacks

dio mio_2: james diogr has lived in monesteries

diogr49: well, you might read the Philokalia

diogr49: the philokalia was composed by 70 authors from 3rd century to 11th century

catfishjim2000: l be too monesteries

diogr49: but the bulk is written by Maximos the Confessor

catfishjim2000: for a day

dio mio_2: i visited too james

diogr49: aha, but orthodox monasteries are a different world

dio mio_2: benedictine

dio mio_2: how so diogr?

catfishjim2000: its was very cold up there

diogr49: well, you must read the philokalia to begin to understand

catfishjim2000: l went in the december

diogr49: just as Protestants refuse to read the Apocrypha, and then complain that they do not understand

dio mio_2: i cant read with respect to you diogr

diogr49: Isaiah said “unless you believe, you shall not understand”

dio mio_2: i dont refuse its a matter of physcology problems

diogr49: i guarantee you that Chrysostom would drink from the well of the Philokalia

dio mio_2: i believe you

diogr49: and the monastics over the centuries drank from the well of Chrysostome

diogr49: i do not offer you poison

diogr49: but only you can take the medicine

diogr49: i would suggest to anyone that they acquire Jaroslav Pelikan’s 5 volume paperback history of development of Christian Doctrine

diogr49: he was a Yale Sterling professor of History

diogr49: he is quite readable for the layperson, and quite unbiased

diogr49: i mean, no hidden agendas

dio mio_2: i am staying with our bishop diogr lol

dio mio_2: i am a simple fool

catfishjim2000: well we be to church today

diogr49: i guarantee you that Pope Benedict has read all such things

diogr49: as well as Hans Kung

diogr49: but the choice will always be yours

dio mio_2: i dont want to get confused its all far too much for my tiny mind to imagine

catfishjim2000: ok

dio mio_2: i am in WALES

diogr49: my wife now gives me chores to do

diogr49: i will stay logged in

dio mio_2: diogr are you eastern orthodox

diogr49: i was Greek Orthodox for 20 years, and afraid of Catholicism, i looked at Hans Kungs books like vampire sees a cross

diogr49: you are a good man, and good men are hard to find

diogr49: maraming salamat po

dio mio_2: diogr49 do you go to a church now?

diogr49: as Gen Douglas McArthur said “I shall return”

diogr49: i thought i was just in church with you, n’est pas?

diogr49: you and i are the church for a moment, no?

dio mio_2: diogr stop avoiding my question

diogr49: if the church is not you and i just now,… then where is it

diogr49: pride is a great enemy

dio mio_2: you are being devious

diogr49: and now, again, fear

dio mio_2: i am disapointed

diogr49: you desire disappointment… and we find what we seek

dio mio_2: its been great being with you diogr

dio mio_2: gbu

diogr49: the saint can see saintliness even in the worst sinner, but a sinner sees sinfulness even in the holiest of saints

dio mio_2: i am not looking for either in you

diogr49: you are trying to convince yourself

dio mio_2: i was only wondering if you were roman catholic

diogr49: because you are uncertain and afraid, that is my conjecture

dio mio_2: i am bt not concerning you

diogr49: but only you can know what is in your own heart, and it is not for me to inquire or understand

dio mio_2: ok

dio mio_2: lol

diogr49: you are so close, yet so far

dio mio_2: ok

diogr49: one never sees a smiling icon

dio mio_2: nice to meet you

dio mio_2:

dio mio_2: catfish why are you going to work in hpspital

diogr49: i speak of spiritual distance, not geometric

diogr49: the famous “handwriting on the wall” (mene mene shekel uparsin) “you have been weighed and found wanting”

dio mio_2: you are very knowledgeable and respectable diogr49

diogr49: but no one could understand until Daniel interpreted

diogr49: if i remember

diogr49: the handwriting was metaphorical, not literal

diogr49: Chrysostom was metaphorical, but modern denominations are literal

dio mio_2: mene mene shekel uparsin

diogr49: Bible based… but the first epistle was only written in 55ad, and the Gospels were not completed until 100ad

diogr49: so, where was the Bible based church for 30 years

diogr49: few people consider that

dio mio_2: in the memory

diogr49: tradition produces scripture, scripture does not produce tradition

Paltalk Catholic Maundy-Thursday reading

April 1, 2010

The reading was done on the microphone. These are the text posts to the room. My nic is diogr49 which stands for Diogenes Grant, a pen name, and the year of my birth.


Alert: Redottext is currently on.

Sister Slick: hey diogr

diogr49: greetings all

dio mio_2: Mary be with you sister slick

diogr49: here to bounce

Sister Slick: senior is here

Sister Slick: janice is geting coffee

diogr49: does that mean i am not needed, which is ok

Sister Slick: p-law is in silks room

Sister Slick: yes you are needed

P_Law: im back

Sister Slick: plaw is back

P_Law: but everyone is needed im sure

diogr49: what does it mean the message “reddottext is on”

Sister Slick: yesterday we were getting blassted with spammers we could have used 3 admins at the same time

diogr49: i see that message when i enter the room

P_Law: means that you can stop what they are typing in the room

Sister Slick: it means that you can red dot someones text if yo need to

diogr49: ok, thanks, understood

P_Law: red dot webcams means you can dot their cams if they are doing thier porno thing

diogr49: who controls the on/off status of reddottext

P_Law: you can if you want

diogr49: oh ok

dio mio_2: sister do you know why some call today mournday thursday??

P_Law: it is just checkbox in the admin console

Sister Slick: mic is checked and so is cam so you cn shut them off if someone tries to grab the mic or shows nudie on the cam like a girl did last week while we were inprayer

Sister Slick: today is Maundy Thursday

dio mio_2: i am feeling quite mournfull anyway perhaps i shouldnt ask

dio mio_2: yes

diogr49: ok i found the admin console checkbox thing thanks

Sister Slick: the word maundy is Latin which mean command…Christ institurted the Eucharist at the Last supper and commanded us to repeat it

Sister Slick: “Do this in memory of me’

dio mio_2: ty sister so maundy doesnt mean mournfull! i see

Sister Slick: nope

dio mio_2: it means command

Sister Slick: correct

dio mio_2: Jesus commands the Eucharist?

diogr49: From Middle English maunde, ceremony of washing the feet of the poor on this day, from Old French mande, from Latin (novum) mandatum, (new) commandment (from Jesus’s words to the Apostles after washing their feet, John 13:34)

Sister Slick: yes

dio mio_2: #insitutes it?

dio mio_2: ty jesus

dio mio_2: mass is quite wonderful always


dio mio_2: ty diogr.

dio mio_2: gbu

diogr49: yw

Sister Slick: yes and there is nothing mournful about’s wonderful

diogr49: except, it is interesting, orthodox iconographers speak of “the gladdening sorrow” of orthodoxy

dio mio_2: but there is a memory of Christs passion involved personally

dio mio_2: his giving up his life for us

dio mio_2: for the forgiveness of our sin

diogr49: and the abbot of my monastery often used the word “compunctunate” which kind of means that which inspires within us a sorrow over our shortcomings

Sister Slick: correct, but remember the purpose that he allowed himself to go through that

dio mio_2: good word

dio mio_2: yes sister your most right

Sister Slick: good word diogr

dio mio_2: but his human nature did so too

diogr49: compunction comes from a word which means to prick or sting

dio mio_2: and with that we identify and feel like him in a way sometimes

diogr49: so, we are stung with a self-realization

dio mio_2: ouwch!

Sister Slick: yes and that self realization should bring us into humility

dio mio_2: it does

Sister Slick: in 2 chronicles god says to humble ourselves and pray and seek his face

diogr49: Paul has some passages where a leads to b, b leads to c, c leads to d (in terms of logical structure

Sister Slick: compunction helps us to do that

dio mio_2: yes sister

dio mio_2: right

diogr49: i suppose we mourn our fallen nature

dio mio_2: maybe diog

dio mio_2: yes

diogr49: mourn “the old man”


diogr49: or, to be pc, gender inclusive, “the old person”

dio mio_2: hi sister

janicegail: HAD TO KP DUTY

dio mio_2: hi janicegail

dio mio_2: gbu

janicegail: HE COMEING BACK

janicegail: I THOUGHT

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diogr49: the sound of your clicking keys is very compunctunate


seniorguy: nothing here sister

janicegail: WB SENIORGUY

seniorguy: here u typing

diogr49: hear

janicegail: I HEAR TYPING TO

diogr49: too

dio mio_2: i am feeling very incompunctionate today

P_Law: i will take whatever part you need me to take

Sister Slick:

P_Law: what part?


P_Law: ok

Sister Slick: really?

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Sister Slick: plaw let me do the hymn next

P_Law: np

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dio mio_2: amen

randy-watching: i already know what you believe.. and so does Jesus… make right w/Jesus and come out of catholic religion as it is anti-christ.. do some research about this religion and the many 10s of 1000s it has murdered in cold blood for refusal to bow to pope and vatican.. “Foxes Book of Martyrs”…

Alert: randy-watching reddotted by: diogr49

Sister Slick: ty diogr

dio mio_2: amen

diogr49: amen

luigi8371 hates isla: Amen

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dio mio_2: amen

diogr49: Gosh! The very fact that the verse says “I tested you” affirms free will choice and argues against predestination

Sister Slick: yes it does

diogr49: cool

diogr49: Amen

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Mike Hunt Snr: Amen

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diogr49: politics_rules2010 has been bounced from the group

Sister Slick: thats senior wife

Sister Slick: she prays with us

diogr49: amen

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Sister Slick: not toworry

Sister Slick: LOL

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diogr49: good prayer for the spammers

diogr49: most compassionate

janicegail: YEP\

diogr49: no, he added 1 intercession

forevermike2: hi all

diogr49: oh, so it is over

diogr49: i am off the hook

diogr49: out of the pan and into the fire

diogr49: there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead/ when she was good she was very very good/ but when she was bad she was horrid

diogr49: there is a form of righteous anger…. i think in psalm 3 or 4, be angry and sin not

diogr49: weep upon your bed for what you say in your heart

diogr49: and is a Greek Septuagint translation

Sister Slick: now forevermike

Sister Slick: not everyone who comes in here is a catholic

Sister Slick: so they have different interpretations of the bible

Sister Slick: some of the people who come in here

Sister Slick: not everyone uses Catholic interpretations

Sister Slick: Mike I think you have a very wrong interpertation of Scripture

Sister Slick: according to the Chruch

Sister Slick: OK I think we had enough now MIke

Alert: forevermike2 reddotted by: Sister Slick

Sister Slick: had enough of that ranting

diogr49: he made some good points, but, there must be a time limit

*** janicegail has joined the room ***

diogr49: we got the point, point well taken

diogr49: i was trying the psalm that stresses reflexivity, “with the righteous you are righteous, with the froward, etc

diogr49: i thought it was 19

janicegail: YES

janicegail: YES


diogr49: psalm 79

diogr49: thanks

diogr49: testing, cool insight about freewill

Sister Slick:

diogr49: thanks

Sister Slick: you too janice

dio mio_2: hi janice gbu

janicegail: BYE

janicegail: NOW

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P_Law: oops

P_Law: wrong nic

P_Law: sorry

Sister Slick: LMAO

dio mio_2: lots of nasty little spiteful attacks today

diogr49: to err is human

P_Law: twice in one day

diogr49: to really foul things up requires a computer

dio mio_2: is it the sin of envy or malice?

dio mio_2: ok

dio mio_2: i remember it sister

dio mio_2: they get hurt when they find out they are not

diogr49: oh, i found it, the psalm which demonstrates the reflexivity that we get what we give, we experience what we are, psalm 18 verse 25

Sister Slick: ok

diogr49: with the merciful you will show yourself merciful

diogr49: with the blameless man, you will show yourself blameless

diogr49: with the pure, you will show yourself pure

diogr49: and with the devious, you will show yourself shrewd

diogr49: just like that old gentleman was saying, he gets what he gives

diogr49: so its kind of like a mirror, we see what we are

dio mio_2: if we have grace

diogr49: and that righteous anger thing is psalm 4 verse 4, be angry and sin not. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.

diogr49: which in Greek Septuagint is “weep upon your bed for what you say in your heart”

diogr49: Septuagint

dio mio_2: yes diog very fitting words for the time of year

*** michelle_espinoza30 has joined the room ***

dio mio_2: so true too

dio mio_2: and wise

diogr49: but there is a form of anger that is good, righteous anger, to come to hate that which is sinful, but more important to hate what we see in ourselves, and not simply to judge others

Sister Slick: right diogr

Sister Slick: thats good psychological advice as well

dio mio_2: if we could all develope a righteos anger we would change the world

diogr49: and also, i suppose, to despise or hate oppression around the world, and not simply be indifferent because it is not us and it is 10000 miles away

*** michelle_espinoza30 has joined the room ***

diogr49: which we do see since the 20th century, but i dont think it happened in prior centuries

diogr49: so that represents some form of human moral progress

diogr49: to take up the just cause

dio mio_2: to fight the good fight to the end

diogr49: albert einstein joined a group to defend some wrongly accused blacks

diogr49: and einstein was a secular agnostic, but he had a moral conscience

diogr49: and bertrand russell worked hard to ban nuclear weapons

diogr49: and Sartre headed a committee to defend human rights in Iran

dio mio_2: i gave cloths and gifts to the poor

diogr49: and Camus worked to defend Algerian Muslims against French colonial oppression though Camus was not Muslim

diogr49: so one does see some moral progress in human history

dio mio_2: yes diog its good to see some

dio mio_2: there is hope

diogr49: whereas, the Athenians invaded the Mitelinians, and said “those who have power do as they please, and the weaker must simply comply and submit”

diogr49: jimmy carter only served 1 term, but he has devoted his life to improving the world, health in Africa, peace in the middle east

diogr49: one must admire his efforts even if one does not admire his personality or share in his particular beliefs

diogr49: i mean, he could have chosen to spend his years in a very different manner

Seeking new friends in social networks

December 5, 2009

I personally feel that the more friends we add, the more we have to gain, since we are eavesdropping so to speak on the thoughts and opinions of many diverse people around the nation, around the world, with gifts differing (as Paul said). How dreary to feel xenophobic, and think oneself “a very private person” and limit oneself to family and friends of childhood’s acquaintance. It seems to me that you know them well enough, and you should be interacting with them face to face, or via telephone, and not in this particular medium of social networking. Occasionally I meditate upon the several curious times in Plato’s dialogues where Socrates asserts that misanthropy (the contempt for our fellow beings) is closely connected with misology (a contempt for discourse). And this makes a great deal of sense, since if you detest the bulk of your fellow beings, the with whom, pray tell, will you converse. And if you do not regularly engage in the exercise of extemporaneous dialog, then however shall you exercise your mental faculties and be stimulated with new and perhaps innovative ideas (or at the very least, ideas new to thee, Miranda dear.)


When I was a senior in high school, I needed to collect an enormous number of baby food jars for our biology class, where we did a LOT of dissection and handed in the organs for grading. A young mother of three children would generously supply me with the jars twice a week. I was very conscious of the fact that she was STARVED for adult intellectual stimulation. She was glad that I stayed with her and chatted for an hour or two about high school topics. I was alway a rather unusual child and adolescent. I would discourse much in the same manner as you see me post day to day. I preferred the company of adults, and especially teachers over children. My graduating high school class, unbeknownst to me, decided that I should be Class Philosopher, and informed me that I should come to have my photo taken. At the time I thought it was something of a lark on their point. Only later in life did it dawn upon me that I really was quite different and quite obsessed with philosophy. I still occasionally call my biology teacher, now long retired, and I mentioned this to him, and he said “Oh yes, you were the most philosophical of any class.” And it was that teacher, Edward Karoll who went out of his way to make me aware of SJC. Without his encouragement I would never have attended.


We so often hear “use it or lose it” and though that is not always in reference to the intellect, it is certainly true that our minds need exercise. I know one fellow in his 80s who retired, and made it a point to do crossword puzzles each day, in the belief that such exercise wards off cognitive deterioration. I have had the Internet each day since 1998 as a medium for expression, and I dare say my writing style benefited from this constant exercise. I keep meaning to track down and read an essay that Sartre wrote on “why we write.”

Avira Paltalk and Online Armor issues

November 19, 2009

posted at Avira Antivir Support Forum today:

I just upgraded to 3 years of Premium Avira Suite (having done a 30 day eval. with Firewall, so no need for Online Armor) and everything is smooth).

But my old Compaq machine has Free Avira and Online Armor as well as MalwareBytes (free).

I do use Paltalk on this machine, and neither Avira nor MalwareBytes has ever caught anything. But Online Armor reported some very suspicious activity from Paltalk. I allowed Online Armor to block certain things, and I still had a fine long session in Paltalk Tuesday night. But ever since, Online Armour has been doing OAminidumps. I SUBMIT them via the minidump submit. When I go to DELETE, the machine hangs for a long time and then reboots. I booted in safe (F8) mode and the defragger said I needed to do chkdsk /f and that it could not be performed at the moment but would be performed at next reboot. When I rebooted, out of curiosity, I chose the Ubuntu boot, and it did a bit of fixing and then Ubuntu came up fine and stable. But each time I boot into Windows, I get the same Online Armor minidump crash. I am in safe mode right now on that machine after the chkdsk /f successfully ran. It is allowing me to do a defrag right now. As soon as that finishes, I think I shall delete Online Armor, with the assumption that the OAdump business will go away. I do wonder about the Paltalk issues, but I really enjoy Paltalk, and I know so many people around the world who use it, so it cannot be too malicious or destructive. I shall also post this at Online Armor’s forum, but I am curious to get the feedback from people here. Thanks for your great support!

Someone suggested at Avira that it would make more sense to tell Tall Emu, the makers of Online Armor, to which I reply:

[quote=’Farger’,index.php?page=Thread&postID=875210#post875210]HI WilliamBuell,

I think that more reasonable will be to ask Tallemu about this :S[/quote]

Of course I am going to tell Tallemu about this, but it IS a legitimate Avira issue with regard to the question of whether Paltalk is doing something questionable, and is escaping the attention of Avira AND malwarebytes.

The two strange things that happened with regard to Online Armor and Paltalk are that Paltalk when I first launched it, tried to access my drive directly, and Online Armor said this is a very suspicious activity. The other thing, which I blocked, had something to do with some key.dll. I didnt like the looks of it, so I blocked it, but Paltalk launched fine and I was in it for an hour. But after that, all this crash business started.

I was marveling to myself how a firewall can detect suspicious activity which an AV scanner might miss. So, this in itself is a valid issue to raise on the Avira forum, NAMELY, what can be said about those suspicious activities which only a Firewall can catch? There is one antivirus someone recommended to me which supposedly detects suspicious activity and can catch a virus or malware on DAY ZERO. I am perfectly happy with Avira Premium Suite on my wife’s computer, because I want everything integrated and straight foward, and the Avira fire wall is not “in your face” every other minute with questions.

A side note of interest: I find that I am able to access Paltalk on my Ubuntu machine via Firefox. Initially, I could not get audio or mic to work, but then Firefox installed an Adobe flash update, and suddenly it was working. So, I imagine I would be safe from Paltalk monkey business on an Ubuntu machine in a Firefox browser.

Ubuntu, Ethernet, and Empathy chat

November 15, 2009

My reply at

One member answered my question:
Why would plugging a PC, no matter what OS is installed on it, into a modem/router change it? So no I wouldn’t worry about the Westell.

My reply:

Thanks! That’s just what I needed to know. But, obviously, I am not technically versed. So what is OBVIOUS to you may not be obvious to me.

A professor of Russian language, in the 1970s once said to me “There is no such thing as a foolish question, for IF it is a question in your mind, it is a LEGITIMATE question. There are only foolish answers.” Beginners should be encouraged to ask questions, and not ridiculed, for that is how they learn. And those who are fortunate enough to have expertise and experience should not gloat in their knowledge as if it were wisdom.

I once mentioned to an examining physician something very obscure and little know, about the anastamosis (joining) of a one vein to the left renal vein which is totally different on the right. He was astounded and asked how I could possible know that, not being a physician. I explained that all one has to do is read, and remember a fact, and the only difference between a physician and a plumber, is that plumbers still make house calls, but physicians do not.

Plus, if I had 5 routers, and 3 providers, and money flowing out my kazoo, I would just plug the cable in and see what happens. But, if something DOES go wrong, then since I only have one router and one provider, then I must spend hours on the phone with tech support, or, if that fails, spend days waiting for a technician to show up from Verizon.

Oh, by the way, I found a free beginners manual in PDF, on Ubuntu, which also mentions that IF the Ubuntu machine has an internet card, THEN connecting it to the router should give instantaneous internet access.

And, this is a bit off topic, but I spent much of last night experimenting with that Ubuntu chat program EMPATHY. When I initially clicked on Empathy, it launched a wizard asking me first if I wanted a Jabber account, and then asking me if I want to add AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.

I only added Yahoo. Later, I tired to add other things and could not see how to get back into that wizard dialogue. I googled and found other posts suggesting that there was some problem. I UNINSTALLED REMOVED and reinstalled EMPATHY, but still no wizard. THEN I discovered that F4 will bring up a window to ADD other chat programs (which is not intuitively obvious to a beginner). I was pleased to see that my Wubi Ubuntu install is stable enough to remove and reinstall Empathy without crashing things.

I am very curious to explore the limits of the Wubi install on a Windows machine. Tonight I will have that old tower, and do a pure Ubuntu desktop install, and first I will try the wrapper technique with a Belkin Wi-Fi, and later I will experiment with the cable from the Ethernet to the router. I was a bit confused as to whether I should install Ubuntu DESKTOP or Ubuntu Server, but reading up on it made me realize that I am better off with the Desktop, because that gives the most GUI, and then ADD LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PhP) with the synaptic manager, since that is all I really want anyway and I will not use the machine as an actual server to other clients.

Purchasing Avira Premium Security Suite

November 5, 2009

I made breakfast while I waited for the update. It is a WONDERFUL thing to be subscribed to Avira email notices, because they come to my Blackberry, and right inside the email is a link for the MANUAL update should the automatic not work for some reason. I do notice that my Premium Avira updates instantly every time, so no problems with paid Avira in that regard.

The Avira red banner flashing up is rather comforting as a sign of success. I am now the proud owner of one free classic Avira, one 30 day trial Premium Security Suite (which I shall surly purchase) AND last night I installed free Avira on my mother-in-law’s machine. She had NO antivirus and I was shocked to see that no infections were discovered. Thee installation and UPDATE went very smoothly.

I am often on free Paltalk which is advertisement supported, and for the first time, I entered Paltalk while Avira Premium Security Suite was running, and right away Avira caught three infections! I became suspicious some of Paltalk’s advertisers are up to no good. But then, I switched to my other machine which has free Avira with no fire wall, and noticed that I was not picking up any infections, so perhaps it was just coincidence. I do know some of the Paltalk team so I feel that Paltalk itself is trustworthy, so if there are problems it is the advertisers or some other source. Perhaps it is the case that logging into such a product exposes one’s IP address to predators, but I don’t know.

On my old machine running Premium Avira Security Suite, I spent hours archiving thousands of old files to a USB drive in the hopes of reducing scan time for Avira and Malwarebytes. I uninstalled many programs which were never used, and I deleted 3 Windows users which were never used. So my Avira scan in Premium ran in under 2 hours in normal Windows mode. I had tried to run Malwarbytes in windows and it was very slow for some reason, still running after 8 hours, so I aborted it. This morning, I booted the same machine in SAFE mode (F8) and Malwarebytes ran in 2 hours, and caught two infections in the RESTORE areas.

I did notice the post of one disgruntled user who passed by to say they had installed a competitor’s AV, and the staff retort was “how is their message board doing”. Out of curiosity, I did try to visit said message board, and sensed that it is not as active or responsive as the Avira forum.

What does scare me a bit regarding all these virus/trojan/malware issues is that I am age 60 and have been working with computers since 1978 (including a Radio Shack Model I and Z80 assembler) and yet I find some of these tasks daunting, so I pity the poor devil who is totally baffled by these sorts of technical things.

I do intend to use American Express to purchase my Premium license (although I also have Visa/Mastercard), and was curious if Avira accepts Amex. A search on the forum led to a post in French, which was then translated by Babelfish, and confirmed that Amex is accepted.

I do have some curiosity questions in the back of my mind regarding the license as a physical downloadable entity. I presume that should a machine with premium on it die and need replacing, then all one has to do is reinstall Avira using said key. I assume that each time one boots up, the Avira software contacts a server and confirms that it is indeed the only copy of that license running. In other words, I assume that a license may be transferred to another machine when it becomes necessary.

Another curiosity question is this: IF I had to replace a Dell XP TOMORROW, should I consider a Windows 7, or go with Mac, or some kind of Linux/Ubuntu. It would be interesting to hear opinions on that one. I notice that one trusted member’s signature swears that they will never touch XP service pack 3 again. All the XP’s that I have worked with during the past 8 years seemed to work reasonable well.

I do know some Windows fans who do a lot with Adobe flash and laugh at Mac users who experience more instability with Flash (but then that was about a year ago.)

My boss from Paris, for 3 years, lugged his Mac notebook all around the world, and used it in the office on our Wi-Fi, and it seemed to serve him well.

I suppose it all depends on what sorts of things one cares to do. The photoshop graphic design world seems to center on Mac.

You know, speaking of Paltalk, it would be possible to have a free Avira chat room. All one needs is a headset and microphone, and the voice quality is excellent. There are thousands of rooms, many of which are active 24/7. One amazing room is run by Vietnamese around the world who want to master English. There are always at least 50 people there, 24/7 doing exercises, asking and answering grammatical questions. I was astounded by their dedication, industry and tenacity. It is interesting also to note that there are FIFTY Kurdish speaking rooms. I have been on the internet since 1998 and never saw a Kurdish presence.