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Reading Virginia Woolf in Tehran

November 17, 2009

– Tuesday November 17 2009, 03:58 –
literarydiscussions: I just spent 40 solid hours to install Ubuntu linux on an old desktop with 250 gig huge hard drive, and attach to internet router with USB wireless adapter

Aida: why do you tell me this?

literarydiscussions: well, it is a major labor
like dante going all the way through hell

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: before when you saw me it was on my blackberry, and i have to type with my two thumbs

Aida: but you arrived to heaven

literarydiscussions: but now, i am on a keyboard at 80 words per minute. Well, i always wanted to try Ubuntu linux, because I hate microsoft and their proprietary products

Aida: am glad you succeeded

literarydiscussions: one one of our documentaries, it was stated that in Iran, it is legal to sell kidneys,… and it is beneficial to both donor and recipient, so, i wanted to know if you encounter this practice. The american documentary spoke of it as a wise thing
Aida: wise thing? Of course not!

literarydiscussions: rather than outlawing the sale of organs as we do in america

Aida: but well some do that

literarydiscussions: the doctors point was that many people can do fine with just one kidney

Aida: imagine how poor one must be to sell his organs
Some donate for free. Imagine how poor one must be to sell his organs

literarydiscussions: i mean, he wasnt trying to criticize Iran
But, in america, some people freely donate their kidney to strangers

literarydiscussions: concordias life is much better with her transplant than it was in hemodialysis. Even though the kidney is marginal, and she takes lots of meds. Still quality of life is better than on hemodialysis. And peritoneal dialysis is better quality of life than hemo. But LOTS of work, five exchanges per day
and you have to be SUPER compliant and sterile in handling the tubing connection, with iodine, alcohol, etc. because it is easy to get an infection with peritoneal dialysis

Aida: of course

Aida: I had a friend who wanted to donate one of her kidneys
just because she was a good human

literarydiscussions: right

Aida: they didnt permit her because of her ovarian cysts
but she was going to do it

literarydiscussions: oh, you know, when that insane muslim psychiatrist did what he did, i felt sorry for the majority of good kind muslims who will get harrassed

Aida: what did he do?

literarydiscussions: OHHHH! Perhaps they surpressed it in your news! He was an army psychiatrist, but he had suicide bomber beliefs, so, he opened fire in a crowd and shot 50 soldiers

Aida: oh

literarydiscussions: and he was in contact on internet with a pro jihadist imam, and made posts praising suicide bombers
But, such are a very very small minority in muslim world

Aida: how strange
Aida: a psychiatrist!

literarydiscussions: they shot the psychiatrist, but he survived
He was american born, but of syrian or lebanese parents,

Aida: so he is alive?

literarydiscussions: and after 9/11 he began to sympathize with muslims in iraq, and saw USA as the bad guy.

literarydiscussions: yes, he is alive, but no news is given out about him. I guess that homeland security wants to really investigate
literarydiscussions: and they dont want to tip their hand to other jihadists who might be in hidden cells

Aida: those 50 soldiers are killed?

literarydiscussions: something like 50 shot , perhaps 20 killed
He shot one woman soldier, and though wounded she returned fire and took him down, and she lived

Aida: what a wild creature he was

literarydiscussions: well, his argument is that if he can kill 50 of the enemies of islam, then that is a glorious martyrdom

Aida: where did it happen?

literarydiscussions: that is what they believe
literarydiscussions: a week or two ago

Aida: yes and where?

literarydiscussions: ohhhh… it happened in one of the largest military bases in usa, in texas i think
perhaps ft. worth, not sure

I feel that the majority of muslims are peaceful, and one day, we can all live in more harmony

Aida: I see

literarydiscussions: human nature is too quick to stereotype and profile

Aida: I see

literarydiscussions: i mean, to say that all africans are this way, all arabs are that way, all jews are some other way

literarydiscussions: even in muslim world regarding sufis, and kurds, for example

literarydiscussions: on paltalk there are LITERALLY 100 kurdish language rooms! I was so shocked
literarydiscussions: there are vietnamese rooms running 24/7 with 50 to 100 at a time, helping each other to learn english
They are very industrious people to succeed

literarydiscussions: oh, and vietnam outlawed Facebook officially

Aida: do you know literary rooms where there are interesting talks?

literarydiscussions: a school boy in north vietnam contacted me in paltalk and asked me what is going on in USA that so many policemen are being murdered

I actually googled stats for him on police fatalities and showed him how low it is per city

But, his teachers are feeding him propaganda about the evil Americans

Aida: haha.but we never believed what they told us at school either about religion or america

literarydiscussions: i belong to paltalk Catholic chat, were the average age is 40 and over, just because they are ok for company

I dont like some of their attitudes
But they are more mature than other rooms
You can see my blog about it

Aida: so you dont know any literary club?

literarydiscussions: i put some sample discussions

literarydiscussions: i got banned from the two literary clubs that i belonged to is a good one

I got banned from there because i fought with the moderator, a woman from Turkey, who teaches in the U.K.

and she is kind of opinionated…
Her favorite novel is “TO Kill a Mockingbird”
I wrote about how the character “Boo” is actually like a Christ figure
and there are essays and sermons that say the same thing

She got wild angry, and said there was no such trace or hint of such a notion in the novel

If you google on online-literature sitaram you will find hundreds of my posts, but under my ID it says BANNED

Aida: what you think about to kill a mockingbird?

literarydiscussions: Well, the black man nicknamed “Boo” is in a house, and the kids never ever see him, but they know he is there (like God)
and they think he may be MEAN (like the God of the Old Testament)

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: BUT, he leaves gifts for them in the trunk of a tree… (which is like the mystery of Eucharist… which is also called GIFTS

But then, a bad man tries to kill the children, so BOO suddenly appears and saves them (like Jesus)

Aida: were they gifts?

Literarydiscussions: and finally, the children get to know Boo as a person and friend, (which is the PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus stressed by american protestants in New Testament
literarydiscussions: well, they were trinkets that children would like
literarydiscussions: but, they were GIFTS given, left, mysteriously

literarydiscussions: and, the author, Harper (I forget), grew up in the very christian south

Aida: why did he hide for long?

literarydiscussions: well, he was kind of a recluse
and black, so a minority

literarydiscussions: was it Harper Lee…. she was playmates as a child with Truman Capote

Aida: yes

Aida: I have seen the movie

literarydiscussions: she dedicates her one and only book to Truman Capote
And Truman Capote i think dedicated In Cold Blood to Harper Lee
literarydiscussions: and Harper Lee was Capotes research assistant for In Cold Blood

Aida: so why did she ban you for such notion?

literarydiscussions: and there is some suspicion that Capote actually helped Harper Lee write some of TO Kill a Mockingbird
and Harper Lee is what they call a ONE BOOK WONDER
It is her first and last novel

She did a few magazine interviews in the 1970s

Aida: interesting

literarydiscussions: but has been incommunicado ever since
Except for receiveing some reward, which was presented to her , a few years ago, by the actor who played in the movie

Aida: so they banned you because you connected it to old testament?
Aida: what was the problem in that connection?

literarydiscussions: that moderator and woman and I just got into argument after argument, because, she tried to shove her notions down everyones throat as being the indisputable truth

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: the man who owns the site really likes her as a moderator

Aida: cute

literarydiscussions: and, i said many harsh but true things
literarydiscussions: about her, and her methods

Aida: oh God
Eh why did you do that

literarydiscussions: and, in part, it had to do with the fact that she did not grow up in a christian culture, so it is hard for her to see such interpretations

literarydiscussions: i do it because i prefer the truth to a lie

and better to die a free man than to live as a slave

Aida: yes but what is the point of disecting her methods for others
Some prefer to be blind

literarydiscussions: so, i would rather be who i am, and speak as i do, and have only 10 friends….. than be otherwise for the sake of 10,000

literarydiscussions: you might like
You would probably kind of like that moderator, and she would like you i am sure

Aida: I am lazy in writing in I prefer to go where I can speak online

literarydiscussions: she likes women better than males, though she is married, she is not lesbian

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: we got into a big fight about Virginia Woolf

Aida: how come? What did you tell about virginia?

literarydiscussions: and that Novella she wrote about the man who lives 400 years, and after 200 years he magically transforms into a woman

oh, the posts are somewhere, i could dig them up
Aida: haha. I havent read that one

Aida: but it is an interesting subject

literarydiscussions: well, my argument is that Virginia Woolf was bugged by male patriarchal oppression

Aida: only if you men could be women for a while to understand us!
literarydiscussions: and she was kicked out of a library because women were not allowed

literarydiscussions: so she wrote an essay “A Room of Ones Own”

Aida: oh poor woman

literarydiscussions: which you would enjoy
Aida: yes

literarydiscussions: she was invited to speak about women authors like Bronte, etc

But she decided to write that essay instead
Aida: yes? Interesting!

literarydiscussions: and it is very famous in Womens Studies classes

I am very pro womens liberation, and side with virginia woolf

Aida: of course.

literarydiscussions: i realize males are bastards

Aida: and admit it she is a genius author

literarydiscussions: all men are dogs, but some dogs are Lassie
I made that up

Aida: I know .you told me before.
literarydiscussions: Lassie was a show on tv for years about a dog who did wonderful things

Aida: I have seen it!

literarydiscussions: that was one of my more classic lines

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: truly
I shall be remember for that one, if nothing else

Aida: hey I have to go at work..must go visit patients

literarydiscussions: ok, nice talking

Aida: it was my lunch break

literarydiscussions: go now and heal the sick

Aida: thank you.and take care…hug concordia

literarydiscussions: so you ate some virginia woolf

Aida: yes I love Virginia Woolf

literarydiscussions: bye, later

Aida: one of my favorite authors. I bought her diary too!

literarydiscussions: i have a book that is an encyclopedia on v. woolf

Aida: I love her husband too !

literarydiscussions: a huge book, coffee table size
literarydiscussions: you would love it

Aida: she was rather selfish as a wife!!!

literarydiscussions: and i have the same one for james joyce
literarydiscussions: woolf had her issues
literarydiscussions: and, sexual identity crisis
Aida: you know there is a book called encyclopedia of poetry on

literarydiscussions: wow, i will look but you must go now

Aida: but the size is too big so I can not download it

Daguerreotype in Literature

August 30, 2009

I hope to blog, during the coming hours or days, on the ancient Greek notion of “art” (including poetry) as “mimesis” or imitation, and Plato’s criticism of poetic license as a form of dishonesty in the sense that an imitation of reality is dishonesty. Socrates’ death sentence may be seen as related to these views of mimesis in the sense that the populace saw Socrates as corrupting the youth by causing them to doubt the pantheon of Gods as portrayed in the works of Homer and others.

I have been listening to so many mp3 novels from that I am losing track of them.

One in particular frequently mentioned the daguerreotype method of photography.

I did find one reference in Madam Bovary, but I must still seek which author had many references. And I must begin to keep more elaborate notes on what I listen to in mp3 and thoughts which come to me as I listen.

I do have one folder on my C: drive entitled Librivox, where I download and unzip the novels. I notice that I recently listened to “The House of the Seven Gables” by Hawthorne.

Hawthorne’s Reflections on
the Daguerreotype

By the way, the author of the above article, Alan Trachtenberg, also wrote this The Incorporation of America

It may have been Hawthorne who spoke so frequently about Dabuerreotype.

Hawthorne states in his novel: A writer of novels, the “Author” explains in the preface, “is presumed to aim at a very minute fidelity, not merely to the pos­sible, but to the probable and ordinary course of man’s experi­ence.”

A Thumbnail History of the Daguerreotype
by Kenneth E. Nelson

Listening to novels on mp3

August 16, 2009

I download entire novels read aloud in mp3 format, all free in public domain, from

I purchased a COBY player for around $30, but I had to get $150 BOSE headset because I have some hearing loss, and a hearing aid for one ear. The inexpensive headphones that fit in the ear are reputed to cause more hearing loss, especially on a subway, if you turn up the volume to hear over the clatter of wheels on tracks.

I have listened so far to “Tess of the D’Urverbilles” “Jude the Obscure” “Vanity Fair” “Night and Day (Virginia Woolf’s second novel), “Crime and Punishment” “Herodotus’ History of the Persian Wars (only the first 3/5ths are recorded) “My Antonia” “Bleak House” “House of the Seven Gables” and now “Portrait of a Lady (Henry James). I find that my audio comprehension is greater than my visual comprehension, and I have far more energy and stamina to listen than to read.

My urge to press ENTER

August 6, 2009

I just want to see how the line wrap works in WordPress because as I reach right margin I have the urge to press enter, which I now realize causes a DOUBLE SPACE.

A few months ago, my wife purchased for me a 12 issue subscription to “The Economist,” for $1 an issue. When I realized that mp3 downloads of each issue were available, I ran out and purchased my first mp3 player (COBY) so I could listen.  But then I discovered which has hundreds of novels read aloud in mp3, available free in public domain.

I still subscribe to The Economist but I spend most of my spare commuting time listening to classics like Madame Bovary, Bleak House, Vanity Fair, Crime and Punishment, Jude the Obscure, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, etc.

I find I can listen attentively far longer than I can read, even if I am somewhat tired.

I suppose I should post this, and then re-edit it, just to see how well editing works in WordPress.  I suppose I could also save as a draft.