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Seeking Any Job

November 9, 2010

Dear Job Applicant:

We would like you to answer the following questions that we are most
interested in;

-What Computer skills do you have?

-Please list the programs that you are familiar working with.

-What qualities should a successful manager possess?

-We use proprietary software, do you feel confident that you
can learn quickly?

My reply:

Thank you so much for your interest. I started working with computers in 1979 and have worked with many kinds of hardware, software and operating systems. I have been on the Internet daily since 1998 using Windows software (starting with Windows 98 and now mostly with XP). I also installed my own Linux Ubuntu machine. I have not worked with Mac but I feel I could pick it up quickly. I have worked for years with various spread sheets starting with the very first VisiCalc. Now I use mostly Excel. I have done projects with Microsoft Access. Just today I used CamStudio to create a tutorial for creating Facebook Groups. I spent some years as an RPGII and Cobol programmer on an IBM 4331 DOS/VSE mainframe. I worked for 2 years in PICK operating system. Prior to that I worked for 7 years using Revelation which is Pick under DOS. I have used desktop publishing software such as Ventura (in the 1980s) and open source Scribus. I use GIMP for image editing but feel I could learn Photoshop quickly. I worked for 3 years with Quickbooks Pro. I touch type between 50 and 80 wpm depending on the nature of the data and the complexity of font changes, highlighting, etc.

I have been successful with WAMP and LAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PhP, Linux Apache MySQL PhP.)

I have worked with VBA to create macros for Excel and Microsoft Word. I am good at teaching myself and picking up on new software. I taught myself 8080 assembly language and created a bar code printing routine that worked correctly the first time. Back in the early 80s I taught myself enough Z80 machine language to create useful utilities. I do have a fundamental understanding of SQL (structured query language). Obviously one only remains fluent with what is used on a daily basis but I can get back up to speed quickly. I am very knowledgeable in Facebook and social networking software such as ICQ, Paltalk, bulletin message boards, etc.. You may find samples of my technical documentation at my WordPress blog which is

which also has a detailed curricula vitae. I have been out of work for 1 year now. I am 62 and in good health. I neither drink nor smoke. I do not need health insurance. I am simply looking for any work. My salary expectations are not high. I want to put my skills to use for some Company. If you give me a chance I think you will be pleased at what I can do for you.

My best strength is that I have worked for years at salaried overtime exempt positions and I am eager to put in whatever extra time is necessary evenings or weekends in order to get “up to speed” and to get priority work done.

I could speak for hours regarding good and bad qualities in managers and will be happy to do so in an interview should you feel genuine interest in considering me for some position.