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Improving the Census form

March 17, 2010

WE REFUSE to give our exact date of birth on the census form because that is one key element necessary for identity theft. I am emailing my complaint to . The form comes in the mail addressed TO RESIDENT and is returned via the mail.

I would perhaps agree to a unique code on the form and visiting a website which is secure and divulging such sensitive information. I will write a complaint to my congressman and senator, and also to Barack Obama!

I may be a damned fool but I wasn’t born YESTERDAY (AND if I were I wouldn’t tell YOU because you would steal my identity)

Last time I didn’t give real names because I was suspicious that they would sell the info. But no mail has come in the intervening years to the names I gave for household members, so I guess it’s safe. Or not.

Have there been any recorded cases of identity theft performed through stealing census data? If not, then presumably whatever privacy safeguards are in place a the Census Department are at least as secure as your hypothetical website, right?

One can never be too safe with one’s data……just because it hasn’t been stolen before doesn’t mean it won’t be stolen this time.

I kind of figure that if there’s a data breach at the Census Department and my identifying information is stolen, I won’t be alone. If the Census Dept. can’t secure personally identifiable information, it’ll be a major political scandal… and they know that. So I expect that there are significant safeguards in place.

And if there aren’t, and my data is stolen… well, chances are that most of America will be in the same boat.
Somebody already knows, don’t they? I won’t be trusting my neighborhood census taker with that either!!


Whenever I sign up for anything on the Internet, I put down January 1, 1949. The year is correct but the day is not. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

It’s a lot easier to steal masses of data online, than one by one from the mail.


The government has your birthdate already in lots of agencies. The census bureau does have special safeguards. In general, your data is probably safer with the government than the private sector.


The point is, they are asking us to WRITE our date of birth on a crummy piece of paper, shove it in a God-forsaken mail box on some street corner, sealed with a single piece of scotch tape; THAT is the REAL point.


Age is no more relevant to congressional apportionment than race is. The last time race was relevant to congressional apportionment was before the adoption of the Fifthteenth Amendment. And the choices for the race question are extemely peculiar. For example, why does every Asian country have its own race, but everyone from the Pyrenees to the Urals is White? I mean, most people in Laos or Cambodia probably don’t even know which country they’re in. And what exactly is the difference between a Black, an African American, and a Negro? We’re thinking of answering the race question, “Depends on who’s asking.” Which probably is the most accurate answer.

I realize and accept the fact that government is “big brother” and keeps a detailed record on each citizen. All I object to is writing it on a piece of folded paper and sticking it in a mailbox. It is simply on PRINCIPLE that I object. I think each person should receive a POST CARD (less costly, more green) with a unique random code on it. You log into a website and key in that code. You are asked a few simple questions, and it brings up your account. It is a secure connection so you feel free to input all sorts of information. If you object to me that not everyone has a computer I will reply that 200 years ago not everyone was literate. By the way, Wi-Fi should be public and free so that all children, even poor children, may become computer literate and have access to a world of knowledge. You object to the danger of predators and porn? Well, the printed word and the postal system present similar dangers. We should be clever enough as a civilization to maximize the good which is available and minimize the evil. One can never eliminate evil or create paradise on earth.

The census form states that one is REQUIRED by law to return it. Someone on FB has already admitted that they gave false names on a previous census and there were no repercussions. If people can lie with no possibility of being discovered then how useful is the census data?