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Seeking new friends in social networks

December 5, 2009

I personally feel that the more friends we add, the more we have to gain, since we are eavesdropping so to speak on the thoughts and opinions of many diverse people around the nation, around the world, with gifts differing (as Paul said). How dreary to feel xenophobic, and think oneself “a very private person” and limit oneself to family and friends of childhood’s acquaintance. It seems to me that you know them well enough, and you should be interacting with them face to face, or via telephone, and not in this particular medium of social networking. Occasionally I meditate upon the several curious times in Plato’s dialogues where Socrates asserts that misanthropy (the contempt for our fellow beings) is closely connected with misology (a contempt for discourse). And this makes a great deal of sense, since if you detest the bulk of your fellow beings, the with whom, pray tell, will you converse. And if you do not regularly engage in the exercise of extemporaneous dialog, then however shall you exercise your mental faculties and be stimulated with new and perhaps innovative ideas (or at the very least, ideas new to thee, Miranda dear.)


When I was a senior in high school, I needed to collect an enormous number of baby food jars for our biology class, where we did a LOT of dissection and handed in the organs for grading. A young mother of three children would generously supply me with the jars twice a week. I was very conscious of the fact that she was STARVED for adult intellectual stimulation. She was glad that I stayed with her and chatted for an hour or two about high school topics. I was alway a rather unusual child and adolescent. I would discourse much in the same manner as you see me post day to day. I preferred the company of adults, and especially teachers over children. My graduating high school class, unbeknownst to me, decided that I should be Class Philosopher, and informed me that I should come to have my photo taken. At the time I thought it was something of a lark on their point. Only later in life did it dawn upon me that I really was quite different and quite obsessed with philosophy. I still occasionally call my biology teacher, now long retired, and I mentioned this to him, and he said “Oh yes, you were the most philosophical of any class.” And it was that teacher, Edward Karoll who went out of his way to make me aware of SJC. Without his encouragement I would never have attended.


We so often hear “use it or lose it” and though that is not always in reference to the intellect, it is certainly true that our minds need exercise. I know one fellow in his 80s who retired, and made it a point to do crossword puzzles each day, in the belief that such exercise wards off cognitive deterioration. I have had the Internet each day since 1998 as a medium for expression, and I dare say my writing style benefited from this constant exercise. I keep meaning to track down and read an essay that Sartre wrote on “why we write.”


Reading Virginia Woolf in Tehran

November 17, 2009

– Tuesday November 17 2009, 03:58 –
literarydiscussions: I just spent 40 solid hours to install Ubuntu linux on an old desktop with 250 gig huge hard drive, and attach to internet router with USB wireless adapter

Aida: why do you tell me this?

literarydiscussions: well, it is a major labor
like dante going all the way through hell

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: before when you saw me it was on my blackberry, and i have to type with my two thumbs

Aida: but you arrived to heaven

literarydiscussions: but now, i am on a keyboard at 80 words per minute. Well, i always wanted to try Ubuntu linux, because I hate microsoft and their proprietary products

Aida: am glad you succeeded

literarydiscussions: one one of our documentaries, it was stated that in Iran, it is legal to sell kidneys,… and it is beneficial to both donor and recipient, so, i wanted to know if you encounter this practice. The american documentary spoke of it as a wise thing
Aida: wise thing? Of course not!

literarydiscussions: rather than outlawing the sale of organs as we do in america

Aida: but well some do that

literarydiscussions: the doctors point was that many people can do fine with just one kidney

Aida: imagine how poor one must be to sell his organs
Some donate for free. Imagine how poor one must be to sell his organs

literarydiscussions: i mean, he wasnt trying to criticize Iran
But, in america, some people freely donate their kidney to strangers

literarydiscussions: concordias life is much better with her transplant than it was in hemodialysis. Even though the kidney is marginal, and she takes lots of meds. Still quality of life is better than on hemodialysis. And peritoneal dialysis is better quality of life than hemo. But LOTS of work, five exchanges per day
and you have to be SUPER compliant and sterile in handling the tubing connection, with iodine, alcohol, etc. because it is easy to get an infection with peritoneal dialysis

Aida: of course

Aida: I had a friend who wanted to donate one of her kidneys
just because she was a good human

literarydiscussions: right

Aida: they didnt permit her because of her ovarian cysts
but she was going to do it

literarydiscussions: oh, you know, when that insane muslim psychiatrist did what he did, i felt sorry for the majority of good kind muslims who will get harrassed

Aida: what did he do?

literarydiscussions: OHHHH! Perhaps they surpressed it in your news! He was an army psychiatrist, but he had suicide bomber beliefs, so, he opened fire in a crowd and shot 50 soldiers

Aida: oh

literarydiscussions: and he was in contact on internet with a pro jihadist imam, and made posts praising suicide bombers
But, such are a very very small minority in muslim world

Aida: how strange
Aida: a psychiatrist!

literarydiscussions: they shot the psychiatrist, but he survived
He was american born, but of syrian or lebanese parents,

Aida: so he is alive?

literarydiscussions: and after 9/11 he began to sympathize with muslims in iraq, and saw USA as the bad guy.

literarydiscussions: yes, he is alive, but no news is given out about him. I guess that homeland security wants to really investigate
literarydiscussions: and they dont want to tip their hand to other jihadists who might be in hidden cells

Aida: those 50 soldiers are killed?

literarydiscussions: something like 50 shot , perhaps 20 killed
He shot one woman soldier, and though wounded she returned fire and took him down, and she lived

Aida: what a wild creature he was

literarydiscussions: well, his argument is that if he can kill 50 of the enemies of islam, then that is a glorious martyrdom

Aida: where did it happen?

literarydiscussions: that is what they believe
literarydiscussions: a week or two ago

Aida: yes and where?

literarydiscussions: ohhhh… it happened in one of the largest military bases in usa, in texas i think
perhaps ft. worth, not sure

I feel that the majority of muslims are peaceful, and one day, we can all live in more harmony

Aida: I see

literarydiscussions: human nature is too quick to stereotype and profile

Aida: I see

literarydiscussions: i mean, to say that all africans are this way, all arabs are that way, all jews are some other way

literarydiscussions: even in muslim world regarding sufis, and kurds, for example

literarydiscussions: on paltalk there are LITERALLY 100 kurdish language rooms! I was so shocked
literarydiscussions: there are vietnamese rooms running 24/7 with 50 to 100 at a time, helping each other to learn english
They are very industrious people to succeed

literarydiscussions: oh, and vietnam outlawed Facebook officially

Aida: do you know literary rooms where there are interesting talks?

literarydiscussions: a school boy in north vietnam contacted me in paltalk and asked me what is going on in USA that so many policemen are being murdered

I actually googled stats for him on police fatalities and showed him how low it is per city

But, his teachers are feeding him propaganda about the evil Americans

Aida: haha.but we never believed what they told us at school either about religion or america

literarydiscussions: i belong to paltalk Catholic chat, were the average age is 40 and over, just because they are ok for company

I dont like some of their attitudes
But they are more mature than other rooms
You can see my blog about it

Aida: so you dont know any literary club?

literarydiscussions: i put some sample discussions

literarydiscussions: i got banned from the two literary clubs that i belonged to is a good one

I got banned from there because i fought with the moderator, a woman from Turkey, who teaches in the U.K.

and she is kind of opinionated…
Her favorite novel is “TO Kill a Mockingbird”
I wrote about how the character “Boo” is actually like a Christ figure
and there are essays and sermons that say the same thing

She got wild angry, and said there was no such trace or hint of such a notion in the novel

If you google on online-literature sitaram you will find hundreds of my posts, but under my ID it says BANNED

Aida: what you think about to kill a mockingbird?

literarydiscussions: Well, the black man nicknamed “Boo” is in a house, and the kids never ever see him, but they know he is there (like God)
and they think he may be MEAN (like the God of the Old Testament)

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: BUT, he leaves gifts for them in the trunk of a tree… (which is like the mystery of Eucharist… which is also called GIFTS

But then, a bad man tries to kill the children, so BOO suddenly appears and saves them (like Jesus)

Aida: were they gifts?

Literarydiscussions: and finally, the children get to know Boo as a person and friend, (which is the PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Jesus stressed by american protestants in New Testament
literarydiscussions: well, they were trinkets that children would like
literarydiscussions: but, they were GIFTS given, left, mysteriously

literarydiscussions: and, the author, Harper (I forget), grew up in the very christian south

Aida: why did he hide for long?

literarydiscussions: well, he was kind of a recluse
and black, so a minority

literarydiscussions: was it Harper Lee…. she was playmates as a child with Truman Capote

Aida: yes

Aida: I have seen the movie

literarydiscussions: she dedicates her one and only book to Truman Capote
And Truman Capote i think dedicated In Cold Blood to Harper Lee
literarydiscussions: and Harper Lee was Capotes research assistant for In Cold Blood

Aida: so why did she ban you for such notion?

literarydiscussions: and there is some suspicion that Capote actually helped Harper Lee write some of TO Kill a Mockingbird
and Harper Lee is what they call a ONE BOOK WONDER
It is her first and last novel

She did a few magazine interviews in the 1970s

Aida: interesting

literarydiscussions: but has been incommunicado ever since
Except for receiveing some reward, which was presented to her , a few years ago, by the actor who played in the movie

Aida: so they banned you because you connected it to old testament?
Aida: what was the problem in that connection?

literarydiscussions: that moderator and woman and I just got into argument after argument, because, she tried to shove her notions down everyones throat as being the indisputable truth

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: the man who owns the site really likes her as a moderator

Aida: cute

literarydiscussions: and, i said many harsh but true things
literarydiscussions: about her, and her methods

Aida: oh God
Eh why did you do that

literarydiscussions: and, in part, it had to do with the fact that she did not grow up in a christian culture, so it is hard for her to see such interpretations

literarydiscussions: i do it because i prefer the truth to a lie

and better to die a free man than to live as a slave

Aida: yes but what is the point of disecting her methods for others
Some prefer to be blind

literarydiscussions: so, i would rather be who i am, and speak as i do, and have only 10 friends….. than be otherwise for the sake of 10,000

literarydiscussions: you might like
You would probably kind of like that moderator, and she would like you i am sure

Aida: I am lazy in writing in I prefer to go where I can speak online

literarydiscussions: she likes women better than males, though she is married, she is not lesbian

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: we got into a big fight about Virginia Woolf

Aida: how come? What did you tell about virginia?

literarydiscussions: and that Novella she wrote about the man who lives 400 years, and after 200 years he magically transforms into a woman

oh, the posts are somewhere, i could dig them up
Aida: haha. I havent read that one

Aida: but it is an interesting subject

literarydiscussions: well, my argument is that Virginia Woolf was bugged by male patriarchal oppression

Aida: only if you men could be women for a while to understand us!
literarydiscussions: and she was kicked out of a library because women were not allowed

literarydiscussions: so she wrote an essay “A Room of Ones Own”

Aida: oh poor woman

literarydiscussions: which you would enjoy
Aida: yes

literarydiscussions: she was invited to speak about women authors like Bronte, etc

But she decided to write that essay instead
Aida: yes? Interesting!

literarydiscussions: and it is very famous in Womens Studies classes

I am very pro womens liberation, and side with virginia woolf

Aida: of course.

literarydiscussions: i realize males are bastards

Aida: and admit it she is a genius author

literarydiscussions: all men are dogs, but some dogs are Lassie
I made that up

Aida: I know .you told me before.
literarydiscussions: Lassie was a show on tv for years about a dog who did wonderful things

Aida: I have seen it!

literarydiscussions: that was one of my more classic lines

Aida: haha

literarydiscussions: truly
I shall be remember for that one, if nothing else

Aida: hey I have to go at work..must go visit patients

literarydiscussions: ok, nice talking

Aida: it was my lunch break

literarydiscussions: go now and heal the sick

Aida: thank you.and take care…hug concordia

literarydiscussions: so you ate some virginia woolf

Aida: yes I love Virginia Woolf

literarydiscussions: bye, later

Aida: one of my favorite authors. I bought her diary too!

literarydiscussions: i have a book that is an encyclopedia on v. woolf

Aida: I love her husband too !

literarydiscussions: a huge book, coffee table size
literarydiscussions: you would love it

Aida: she was rather selfish as a wife!!!

literarydiscussions: and i have the same one for james joyce
literarydiscussions: woolf had her issues
literarydiscussions: and, sexual identity crisis
Aida: you know there is a book called encyclopedia of poetry on

literarydiscussions: wow, i will look but you must go now

Aida: but the size is too big so I can not download it

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November 10, 2009

I realize you are overwhelmed at times and could not get to my post.

Please consider this solved.

My JHOOS experience inspired me to dig deeply into Avira Antivir support forum.

Part of my concern was that repeated scans by malwarebytes and avira, both in normal windows mode and save mode, did not seem to eliminate my problem. Avira support volunteers suspected that there were remnants of old McAfee and Norton installations which can only be removed by special and two special and little know uninstall utilities provided by McAfee/Symantic. Once I ran those uninstall utilities, Avira and and Malwarebytes were able to do their job, and I had a clean system. Then, I inquired which is the best firewall which would be compatible with Avira and was directed to Online Armor. Online Armor, in turn, periodically points a finger of suspicion at some file, and I can then google on it, and block it if I feel uncomfortable. I feel that the worst that will happen is that some other important application will cease to function correctly, and then I can unblock it, and that it is better to err on the side of caution than on the side of complacency.

Another tool which many speak well of but which always scared me is Ccleaner. When I saw so many people using it in the AV and Firewall forums, I took courage and experimented with it on the oldest and least important machine. It REALLY helped me with the old Compaq, because it quickly found and deleted 40 meg of temp files that I could not have manually found so quickly, and there was something buried in those that was giving Avira a hard time.

The scariest thing to me is REGISTRY. But Ccleaner allows you to make a backup before each change, and you can restore if something goes wrong. The real wisdom is to realize that one SHOULD NOT automatically clean up everything that the cleaner finds, but do a little at a time, and be ready to restore.

I have decided that it is good to join various fine forums like this and keep well informed about what problems others may be having.

Someone gave me their old Compaq XP from college (2002) and it was LOADED with 100 serious viruses and trojans even though it had a Sygate firewall (back when that was free) and symantec and spybot search and destroy and spyware blaster. But then, a college student may be too distracted to really stay on top of such AV and firewall software, update signatures, run scans, etc. The old Compaq is now clean and protected, and I can affored to take some risks with it and explore the unknown, so I did a Wubi Ubuntu install, which is blowing my mind away with awe and joy, since I never thought it would be so user friendly.

Thanks to all of you in all these fine forums! United we stand, divided we fall!

Compaq Adventures in Virus-Land

November 10, 2009

I went STRAIGHT up to J&R and bought a $30 Belkin USB Wi-Fi just like the one I installed on the old computer from work.

I wanted to be very conservative and buy only that, until I could see that this old Compaq works well with it.

It took me a couple of hours to make the Belkin recognize our Verizon Wireless, partly possibly because the Compaq, though XP, is only Service Pack 2, and hasn’t kept up with upgrades.

The Compaq machine automatically recognized the Belkin laser mouse from my boss’s machine, but did not recognize the USB keyboard. The keyboard from our original machine, non-usb, does work. Then I went back to Lourdes and got the old keyboard that was on the desk, and it works perfectly being non-USB as well.

The NEXT thing I did was install Avira-Antivir free antivirus, and also another scanner which they recommend from

I spent about four hours scanning and rescanning both in normal windows mode and in SAFE (F8) mode, and found OVER 100 TROJAN AND VIRUS INFECTIONS. I was shocked because Bryan DID have several anti-virus programs AND an old free firewall that I had installed (Sygate, which was bought out by Symantec some years ago, and is no longer free).

After several hours, I got the machine totally clean of malware, and then I downloaded the free firewall, Online Armor. Then came an 2 or three hours of “teaching” the firewall what is permitted/trusted and what is not. One the firewall was working ok, I then downloaded another highly recommended product, Ccleaner, which was able to quickly remove 40 megs of temporary files.

Finally, I did something I have always been itching to do! I used the WUBI installer for Ubuntu Linux, which is the easiest and least disruptive of all Windows Linux alternatives, as it DOES NOT REPARTITION the drive into a windows partition and a Linux partition. All it does is change the BOOT up to offer a Windows choice or an Ubuntu choice. It took about an hour to download and install.

Then came the fun part of booting up in Ubuntu Linux for the first time. The Wubi install is so smooth and automatic! And the Ubuntu desktop looks every bit as nice as Windows. I had no idea what to expect, and thought perhaps it would be something more DOS-like and primitive, with only a command line interface, like the old DOS days.

It took me about four hours to get Ubuntu to recognize the wi-fi and access the Internet, because there are not clear instructions, so I just had to click on every imaginable place, and try all sorts of WEP key/address combinations, but finally, I WAS ON-LINE!

I started all these efforts right after I left you, which was around noon, and I worked straight through until 6 a.m. this morning, when I finally was satisfied with my progress, and could not keep my eyes open another minute.

As soon as Ubuntu was connected to the Internet, the NEXT breathtaking thing was to click on FIREFOX browser (which comes ready installed in Ubuntu) and see that it feels JUST like being in a browser in Windows! So the first think I did was go to my Plurk (which is like Twitter, a microblog, but much more fun and interactive, and much easier to meet technical and intellectual types like programmers and teachers), and lose my Linux virginity my making my first post a PLURK post. Next I logged into Facebook, to make that my second post.

Ubuntu comes with all sorts of ready to use programs including I think Open Office which is the Linux shareware offering for Microsoft office, with spreadsheet, word processor, etc.

Unix came a long way to get to Linux, and Linux came a long way to get to Ubuntu, and Ubuntu came a long way to get to an easy Windows friendly installer like Wubi. But one can easily see why much of the World is attracted to an open-source shareware environment, even if it is less slick and more work compared to Micro$oft, with all their proprietary software which may one day be shelved/abandoned.

By the way, things like the Google search engine, are written in open source languages like Python, which is free for anyone to develop/support/enhance. Why write a massive application in some proprietary language/operating system, and then be at the mercy of that for-profit Corporation, and the vicissitudes of the marketplace and world economy.

(A side note: one article on the emergence of the European Common Union points out that they have enough clout to force Microsoft to conform to their demands, but the American government was not successful in a similar dispute with Microsoft.)

It is no wonder that many developed countries like Switzerland (as just one example) have declared that Linux is to be a required standard for all educational institutions.

The same praises may be given to open source software like Apache (an internet server), MySQL (a free database) and pHp (a programming language that interacts in a browser on the client side and interacts with MySQL on the provider/server side).
Packages of those three that run on Windows are called by the acronym WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and such a package that runs under Linux is called LAMP.

Now I must post at the Avira anti-virus support forum and the Online Armor support forum to ask how their products can best be made to integrate with Ubuntu.

I think my next purchase will be a $10 Belkin laser mouse (Microsoft also had one for $10 but a technician told me that the Belkin’s last a bit longer). And I will get a decent power strip with a long cord. So all I will need is that monitor you mentioned, which I am sure will be adequate.

At some point I want to get one of those deals from Sancor that offers 6 or 12 memory sticks 2 gig on a shrink-wrapped board, then that would be useful, because I am learning of ways to format them into useful things like Avira Rescue disks that one can even BOOT from, should the machine become unbootable from malware.

Finding and removing lots of viruses is as much fun as squeezing zits (so gross, yet so true.)

And you can see how much MORE fun I had that simply getting a new machine (which is not what it is really about at all). When I have a spare machine, like Bryan’s then I can afford to be far more bold and daring in trying out things like REGISTRY cleaners (Ccleaner) and Ubuntu installs.

Oh, and around 3am, I decided to install Google’s CHROME browser (which I have never tried), simply so I could have an up-to-date browser to delete and reinstall Firefox, because the Firefox was so old that it didn’t want to upgrade. And the Internet Explorer was also too outdated to allow me to do all the Microsoft Windows updates that havent been done for several years. Finally, I discovered a way to tell Windows itself to automatically download Windows updates (because I never could get update feature to work in Internet Explorer browser.)

About DAZUKO from Avira for Linux

Installing DAKUZO in Linux/Ubuntu

Avira Manual Update FAILS in IE

November 5, 2009

I went to my step mother’s apt. today, to check on her old Hewlet Packard Windows machine, which I had left yesterday evening running some kind of HP critical update. I had just installed free Avira yesterday with no problems, quick update, and clean scan.

I was shocked to see that the HP critical update was still running and downloading “fixes” that were 1/2 meg each. She only has Windows Internet Explorer installed as a browser.

I tried the automatic Avira update and left it running for 45 minutes, but no success. I tried several times. Then, I logged into my Gmail, and clicked on the manual update link, but it failed, and I tried 10 more times and it failed. Meanwhile, I downloaded, installed updated and ran Malwarebytes and found no infections.


I decided to install Mozilla Firefox browser, which was quick and easy. The MINUTE I logged into Gmail and clicked on the manual update link for Avira, it INSTANTLY worked. So, my suggestion is to try different browsers IF you are experiencing problems with manual updates.

I KNOW that my internet connection was ok, because I could download and install things like Firefox and Malwarebytes. The Hewlett Packard update process looked kind of sad. The THIRD huge fix downloading said it was crucial to fix some printer problem. I kind of wonder if HP is on some kind of decline.

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Integrity of Avira Antivir

November 5, 2009

I have two machines in my home right now, one running free, and one running 30 day trial Premium Security Suite which I shall definitely purchase. I can see the difference between the free and the paid in terms of update speed. The paid (albeit in 30 day trial mode) is obviously downloading from different servers at lightening speed. The free DOES take 20 minutes at times BUT there is always the option to manually download, and IF you subscribe to Aviras email notices, then the link is right there for you should you need it.

It occurred to me this morning that the world needs a company and product like Avira far more than Avira needs the world, for the simple reason that there is so much malware in the world, and the talented and dedicated group of people who produce Avira have many other areas of business endeavor if all they desire is commercial success, profit, growth.

We have to be able to trust the people who produce the software that we use. If we want everything for free, and want it to run smoothly, well, that is a bit unreasonable. Our own time is worth money, and I dare say in some cases far more money than the price of paid support which would have proactively avoided whatever messes we get ourselves into.

I realize that I need to have a new AV AND Firewall (ohhh… and by the way, as I type this, my free classic Avira just popped up an update message all on its own, and my Blackberry had jingled minutes earlier with an Avira update notice)…. as I was saying, I realized that I needed to clean up my eight year old machine, with its hodgepodge of AVG free, and Sygate firewall (the free one… not supported for several years now since Symantec bought them out). I had the wicked thought of using free Avira and toying around for some free firewall which would be compatible. And THEN I said to myself, what sort of base ingrate am I, to receive all this wonderful free help at the forum, saving my newer XP from certain disaster, and then be too cheap to pay a few dollars a week for peace of mind!? So, if I tried to get something for nothing, I would possibly spend hours trying to make a free AV work with a free fire wall. So IF I run into huge problems, and lose my machine, then I’ve been penny wise and pound sterling foolish, haven’t I? And if I spend hours on end ironing out compatibility issues between the AV and the fire wall, then I should divide the yearly license fee by those hours and see just what my rate of pay is for all my cleverness. There is an old joke about a fellow who goes out and buys a Lamborghini and then tries to save money by not changing the oil frequently. We have to ask ourselves how much our own time is worth to us. We also have to ask ourselves how much our data and applications are worth, and what we would pay to restore them if they were suddenly lost. You know, I went with WordPress as a free blog because I can instantly BACK UP everything, so my years of writing will not suddenly be lost. I went with Clipperz for password storage because I can BACK UP everything, and not lose hundreds of hours that I could not even BEGIN to recreate were it suddenly lost. We should make every effort to PROTECT our data with backup/restore procedures, AV and Firewalls, and regular updates to all products.

I suspect that programmers are inspired to get into their area of specialty in much the same way that a poet or novelist or painter or sculptor or architect becomes inspired to express themselves in some style or genre. They take pride in their work. They don’t sit around like scoundrels scheming how they can make their product produce false results, to scare people into purchasing, or slow down the free product in the hopes that more people will make purchases.

If there is any reason why the free update is slower than the premium paid, it is simply that Avira is growing in popularity, and everyone wants a free lunch. And WHY is it that Avira is growing in popularity? Is it because they are scalawags who scheme all day long on how to trick people? Our virtual Internet world is pretty transparent. If something good or bad happens, everyone knows it very quickly.

Of course Avira could dump money into a better server farm for the free updates, but these are difficult economic times for all industries around the world, in every country. Well I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

And IF you are going to come back to this forum and thumb your nose at Avira, saying that you have chosen A Competitor’s free anti-virus, well, that is rather silly, now isn’t it? In what sense has Avira lost out because you have changed your allegiance? Avira will only lose IF it ceases to grow in popularity, and it will only cease to grow in popularity IF the world realizes that the product is not performing, or IF the world senses that Avira is doing something underhanded to promote sales.

Avira Antivir Antivirus Manual Update

November 1, 2009

I joined the Avira Antivir Support Forum today because the automatic update was not working. The clear instructions here enabled me to quickly do a manual update. Free Avira Personal has served me well for several years, so I don’t mind taking a little time to do a manual update.

I did search and search for how to post a reply to one of the other threads, but find no REPLY button, so I can only assume that it is because I am a new member and have not been placed on a TRUSTED member list.

Several days ago, I received a JHOOS social networking/dating invite from a school friend of 40 years ago, who had previously not been on speaking terms with me, so I was hasty in signing up for JHOOS. I became suspicious of all the questions it was asking, starting with my yahoo email address and password (promising that it would NOT use it to send invites to other members without my permission). Then it was demanding things like my hope telephone number, which made me pause and google on JHOOS. Suddenly, I received an invite to one of my main gmail accounts (because that address is in my secondary yahoo account.) Just then AVIRA ANTIVIR came up with a warning. I kept trying to say delete, or quarantine, but, I think the malware kept relaunching itself, so did alt ctrl del, killed all tasks and powered down. When I powered back up, Firefox RELAUNCHED the malware installation. SO, I rebooted, ran Avira Antivir scan, which removed the trojan. Next I entered Windows Explorer Browser and deleted all cookies and temporary files. Thirdly, I booted in safe mode and ran the Avira virus removal tool, just to be on the safe side. I notice that that removal tool has not been updated in several years, but I imagine it is still effective, and it found nothing further after its scan. The above-mentioned virus attack made me pay more attention to Avira Antivir and its up-to-date status.

Thanks for your several years of free service.

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As soon as my manual update of Avira completed successfully, I did another scan, which has not finished yet, and it is showing TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen . I was not clever enough to take notes as to what was found during the problem the other day with JHOOS social networking program’s trojan. I am hoping that when the Avira scan finished, that it will sucessfully delete or quarantine this TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen and that it will not reinstall itself in some fashion. If it is still present, my only thought is to boot in SAFE mode and try to run Avira, with the notion that in SAFE mode, the trojan will not have as many opportunities open for reinstallation. Failing that, I may resort to downloading a different antivirus which I shall not mention in this post, since that would violate forum rules of etiquette, but I shall feel quite desparate if TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen is not gone from the system soon, and I do not look forward to reinstalling Windows, since I am inexperienced, and it would cost me money that I cannot really spare. I shall post the results of this current scan as soon as it completes. What I have read regarding TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen so far in search engines makes it sound quite difficult to remove, but then, those posts seem rather old.