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50% Return From Tax Deductible Investment

January 31, 2011

I am volunteering my assistance to Dorothy Palmer who has been in show business as an agent for 40 years. Dorothy runs a talent agency from her apartment near Columbus Circle, New York. She also acts as an agent for movie scripts and a “finder” of investors attracted by the glamor and high returns of investing in movie productions. While Hollywood often seeks 100 million for a movie, many of the “Indies” (Independent films) are produced for 2 to 5 million and potentially yield a higher return.

Here is an example of what such an investment can do for the investor:


Many years ago, profits depended solely on the theatre box-office. Now we have at least 23 ancillary markets, which tremendously increase the return of monies to the investors. “Gone With The Wind” was produced over 70 years ago and still sends checks to the investors and their families. “Wise Guys” was shot for 7 million dollars and earned 280 million dollars in videocassettes alone! “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was shot for 6 million dollars, made over 300 million dollars and also spun a TV series.


1.) DVD sales and rentals worldwide (rsult in enormous returns)
2.) Video cassette sales and rentals wordwide
3.) Television and Cable (including Pay-Per-View and premium channels
4.) Satellites
5.) CDs
6.) Sound Track
7.) Recording of music from film
a.) royalties paid each time the music is played in the media
8.) Books (royalties)
9.) Product Placement deals
a.) Payment for showing products in a scene (airlines, Coca-Cola, pianos, etc.)
10.) Hotels and Motels
11.) Libraries and Schools
12.) In-transit movies (for airlines, buses, and trains)
13.) Pilots used to sell Television Series
14.) Sequels (films to follow from the original)
15.) Hospitals and Nursing Homes
16.) Overseas products
17.) Internet
18.) Games
19.) Toys
20.) Clothes
21.) Jewelry
22.) 3-D
23.) Language Changer
24.) Investors can DEDUCT whatever they invest from their taxes.


20th Century Fox distributes many of these films.

Dorothy Palmer
Talent Agency, Inc.
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