Massad Ayoob Gun Expert

In the 1980s I read a book written for civilians on hand gun use by an expert named Ayoob who also is known for inventing a more efficient style of night stick combat. Ayoob always carried a matchbook with a $10 bill wrapped around it with a rubber band (which was a lot of money in the 1950s). If he was confronted by an angry group he would toss it towards them and say “buy everyone a drink.” Now part of his reason for doing this is that he preferred not to use lethal force. But if he then DID use lethal force, the fact that he tried to avoid the situation will be to his credit during any court proceeding. Ayoob said that whenever you choose to use lethal force you must realize that you may lose everything you own and even wind up in jail so that should be preferable in your mind to dying on the spot. Very powerful pistols and ammo are designed to instantly shatter the nervous system of an opponent who has his finger on the trigger so that he cannot even squeeze off a shot. Most actual gun battles last less than a minute unlike the movies or television dramas. Ayoob said always shoot with proper position and aim rather than from the hip. One officer took down 5 assailants with his revolver taking proper aim even though the assailants were wildly shooting from the hip.

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