Some College Memories

Winfree Smith threw a mint julep party each year for the Seniors. I really liked to drink in those years and I really enjoyed those mint juleps. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in something like three years and hope I never do again. But after I graduated and took a trip to New Orleans (once) I ordered mint juleps two or three times per day. I only remember getting stumbling drunk on three or four occasions during the four years.

I do remember when I was a senior that there were only one or two black students in the entire school one of whom was a freshman who had artistic ability. I needed some illustrations for my senior paper and she did them. I offered to pay her but she refused to take any money but she agreed to go with me to The Little Campus for dinner when the illustrations were done. I was shocked out of my head when we sat down to dinner and the white folks actually stared at us thinking that we were an interracial couple! I even asked her if it were my imagination but she laughed and said no, they really were staring and gossiping. I found her very attractive but I never thought about her romantically because I was so much older and about to graduate and leave Annapolis. I had no idea that people were so racist! After that dinner I did sort of ask her about her situation because she was so sweet and I was attracted but she said she had a boy friend. I can honestly say that I did not think about her race and since we were working together I did not think about her sexually. So I guess that is to my credit.


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