I know of several males who were circumcised in adulthood. One was a non-religious person who had it done in the army primarily because of the teasing he received from the other soldiers who were circumcised. Most boys in the 1950s were circumcised in the hospital for reasons of hygiene rather than religious reasons. He did not feel that there was any lose of pleasure experience. Another male married a Jewish woman and had a religious circumcision. He exclaimed that his pleasure was enhanced but I am convinced that his experience was psychosomatic in origin. I myself was circumcised in the hospital. At age 10 I was in the hospital for hernia surgery. I saw the boy in the room next to me who was NOT circumcised and I became quite alarmed that he must have been injured. The nurse explained to me that he was not injured but simply uncircumcised. That was the first time in my life that I became aware of the difference. I do remember that the Russian Orthodox Christians were adamant about leaving their boys uncircumcised. I did sense a high degree of anti-Semitic sentiment among Russian Orthodox. I know one woman who has had several partners one of which was uncircumcised and she commented that she preferred circumcision simply because it seems more sanitary to her. Also, studies show that incidence of certain types of cervical cancer is lower among women who have only circumcised partners. Uncircumcision does seem to be a more likely vehicle for transmission of virus and bacteria.


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