Interpretation of a dream

Someone had this dream: At a small church, trying to figure out how to set up the basement for Byzantine worship. At a retreat house,looking at books, some people were taking books home, I found a little cart with painting supplies. My two roommates were diabetics and someone came to check their blood sugar; they took mine but didn’t tell me what it was.

A man there worked in the post office and by the books he chose I knew he and my husband would hit it off,so I told him to call him and gave him my husband’s work number. Then I was with someone I knew some years ago, leaving that place to go home. We were on a road by a river and the river was flooded. There were animals in the river; at first I saw deer and an ox, but then I saw horses and ponies and I went in to try to save them. I caught on to the mane of one pony and he came after me; then I found I also had a small dark mare with a bridle on following me and I grabbed the reins. We walked on a while, the road went across a bridge and were trying to figure out what to do with the horses, who owned them. We had a discussion with a man who was next to the road but on a steep slope so that we were talking down at him. He intimated that he knew where the horses belonged , but wouldn’t tell us. While we were talking, the horses wandered down the road, and someone put them in a van and drove away. I was ANGRY, as I had hoped I would get to keep one of them. I always wanted a horse. Next scene I remember is my companion and I were on some metal roofs of some abandoned industrial wharf complex out over the river. There are also fallen trees and branches. I jump down from one roof to another. My companion reaches down, and I think it is to help me, but instead I feel he is trying to push me in and I am scared. The water underneath bubbles with chemicals. I get on a tre limb and follow it far out to where the water is more clear. I get into the water and start swimming. A head bobs near me, but it is only a stryofoam head like a wig stand, but with way more features on it. I turn my head from it and swim and swim. I think that it will take me forever to get home swiming along a river, and C. will worry about me. I keep swimming and am enjoying myself. Then I find myself swimming on a sort of road made of soft stuff. After a while I get up and walk. I am on a newly laid path of macadam and I see an expanse of really newly laid steaming macadam between me and the river, and I think “The river will be full of chemicals here.” I come to a place where there are houses behind a wall, and fishing lines extend from the wall into the river. If there are fish, I think, the water can’t be too bad, and I am looking for a place to get back in the river. [ END OF DREAM]
Interesting and vivid dream. Freud and Jung and Joseph Campbell would each find different significances in it I am certain but I would have to study it to conjecture. It seems to me a good sign that you have such a complex dream and remember it seems a sign of mental vigor and contemplative activity. My pharmacist told me that sometimes he would study something new and not understand it but then sleep and wake up understanding. I am sure the brain does important tasks including comprehension during sleep and dreaming.

A’s post inspired me to re-read your dream. A postman is someone who DELIVERS things, that is to say, knows address and direction and where things belong so the postman represents order and direction and success (or survival). You enter into a world that is dissolving, a world of confusion and chaos. You would like to save the entire world but you have all you can do to save even one or two horses. In your dream you are constantly lost and seeking direction. The man on the slope who hints that he KNOWS where the horses belong but refuses to tell you represents your lifelong desire to find the ultimate irrefutable truth. You have a deep seated notion of justice so even though you would like to keep a horse for yourself your desire to be honest and find the true owner wins out over your selfish desire. It is our human nature to desire to impose order and understanding upon the world. Even the biblical Genesis begins with darkness and void, the Tohu-va-Bohu. God (or law or reason) is a light shining into the darkness and imposing orderliness and division of sea from land and night from day. This is as much meaning as I can find in your dream at this time.


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