Herods Slaughter of the Innocents

As I read your excellent post, I am suddenly reminded of Lamech who was a proud, powerful and vengeful man. When God put the “mark” upon Cain’s forehead (presumably what Hindus might call a Tilak and a sign of clan membership and blood-vengeance) God said that anyone who harmed Cain would receive 7-fold retribution (retaliation). Well Lamech said “If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times.” So, this is basic human nature that when we are angry we seek revenge and the measure of the revenge that we seek is also a measure of our honor or worth. http://bible.cc/genesis/4-24.htm Herod is very much like Lamech and also reminds us of the attempted genocide in the Book of Esther by evil Haman as well as modern day genocides. Now we see the exponential increase from Cain to Lamech and then to Herod but Jesus comes along and says http://bible.cc/matthew/18-22.htm that the magnitude of forgiveness and patients should be seventy times seven. It is obvious to me that Jesus does not literally mean that one should count up 490 offenses and then lower the vengeance boom.

I know a learned fellow on Facebook who has a grudge against Christianity and so he mocks Christmas by asking WHY nativity scenes do not show any reference to the slaughter of the innocents. People who have unreasoning grudges against the Bible or organized religion never take the time to study and question and try to find the value in scriptures which may exist even if such scriptures are purely myth. Even if God is a non-existent myth and this universe is a matter of chance and chaos, still the evil that men do is very real. In our times since the 20th century more than ever we have the technology to perform genocides and holocausts beyond Herod’s and Lamech’s wildest dreams. One 20th century military general observed that “we are technological giants but ethical infants.”

The message which Lura gives us is a very good an important message which has meaning because humans have the capacity to be inhumane to a degree which exceeds any wild beast who simply kills for food and to defend territory.

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