Nothingness is Necessary

I remember that somewhere Sartre says that there MUST be “nothingness” to allow for freedom and freedom requires change. IF there were no Tohu-Va-Bohu (void) then all would be a plenum in which nothing could take place in the sense that everything is pre-determined. Jewish mysticism expresses a similar notion of TSIM-TSUM or “divine withdrawal.” One of the names of G-d is “Makom” which means “place.” Somewhere in the Talmud it says “G-d is not IN the universe but rather G-d is the PLACE of the universe.” More specifically, G-d is such a FULLNESS and completeness that God must WITHDRAW (Tsim-Tsum) to create the “makom” place for the universe and that makom commences as tohu-va-bohu (darkness and void) [Sartre’s Nothingness] and furthermore, as Solomon says, all is chance and happenstance. G-d is OUTSIDE of time and eternity and outside (beyond) existence and non-existence and furthermore outside of the causal nexus except perhaps in rare circumstances of intervention (which Maimonides and others call “divine overflow”.) Just some random thoughts/reactions to this thread.


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