I was asked regarding certain artists work



Schell: Gary Mayer came to NYC in the 1980s and exhibited at Exit Art.
He’s work includes mostly biblical references. He was not forthcoming about his work. I’ve always felt that there’s something in it. Maybe it’s the brush style.

This one seems like Book of Revelation, with fire of torment, plus triumph of trumpet, the wheel seems like the vision of Ezekiel. Yes, busy brush strokes… not pointellism but suggestive…. must energy, frenetic… perhaps he is Biblical in a time/a world which no longer cares about Biblical… after all there was a time when people laughed over Picasso and then it caught on. But then Picasso did know how to paint as was obvious from some of his obvious periods. Picasso had something to say which finally the world was ready to listen to. I think that is the way with many artists and writers. F. Scott Fitzgerald died thinking himself a failure and The Great Gatsby only began to catch on 20 years later. Joyce, Proust and Nabokov never won Nobel prizes and now the world marvels over that. The average consumer public is too crass to savor brush style or color in a painting or exquisite sentence composition in a novel. 90 per cent of consumer public are probably knaves and fools so if someone becomes great it is a greatest perceived by less than 10 per cent.


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