Individual Accountability/Responsibility

… not that I could ever be “one of the girls” (or “angels” as you call them) but suddenly I see one glaring problem with the statement attributed to W*: ***our society is strongly based on individual responsibility*** I genuinely doubt that our society is even WEAKLY based upon individual responsibility but I DO believe that our society is possessed of the delusional belief that it IS based strongly upon individual responsibility… but I DARE ANY of you to spend a morning or an evening in the Subways of Manhattan and approach all the most educated and prosperous people you please and ask them “excuse me, may inquire your opinion regarding ‘individual responsibility’ (never mind all the shabby working class and unemployed) and I would be shocked if someone said “Oh YES individual responsibility why THAT is one of the CORNERSTONES of our society.” Oh please… be realistic. Perhaps in civics textbooks or wannabe Huckabee stump speeches.. but NOT in REAL LIFE… IN FACT. I am gonna do JUST THAT, I am gonna go around Manhattan and I will even give you the advantage of asking only in Barnes and Noble and Strands bookstore and I will dress up in a suit and tie and I will explain that I am a graduate student who must take a survey and I will get peoples permission to RECORD their responses…. (though in all fairness to Mr. F* I concede that there is a real conflict between culturalism and the notion of individual responsibility/accountability)


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