Camus Implacable Grandeur

…I was dumbfounded when I first read your original post, but I was certain that it was a typo and I felt it would be in poor taste to even mention it but I am glad you corrected that typo. And had it NOT been a typographical error it would have been a cutting remark indeed. I wonder if one could ever say even of the most miserable wretch or fool or villain that life has “been wasted upon them.” I am reminded of what Camus says somewhere in the Sisyphus essays “The greatest sin (perhaps the ONLY sin) is to hanker after some future afterlife and take for granted the IMPLACABLE GRANDEUR of this life which we already possess.” IMPLACABLE GRANDEUR… to placate something means to satisfy it or appease it and to satisfy or appease grandeur means to stand in wide eyed gape-jawed wonder but a grandeur which is IMPLACABLE and can never be satiated is a grandeur which leaves us stunned at every single moment… and this is what anyone’s life is even a fool or a wretch or a villain… even the likes of Hitler or Hannibal Lecter I should imagine…


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