The ultimate judgment of our deeds

@Baruch, regarding some of your observations about “rule followers” I am reminded of issues surrounding “good Samaritans” who are under no obligation to render assistance but once they ELECT to do so THEN they take upon themselves some burden of liability. There are some countries or states where good Samaritan laws are passed to protect those who elect to help. Now, what does all this have to do with Assng-Wikilk? I know this is a strained analogy, but I am reminded of several saying 1.) Socrates – every person by nature desires “the good” and 2.) Evil people prevail when good people stand by and do nothing and 3.) Rabbi Abraham Heschel “Few are guilty but all are responsible.” I am also reminded of something called “Moral Luck” which you may google on and you will find examples such as Gauguin the artist. In some way shape or form Assng may have decided to intervene in the causal nexus of international politics. None of us are obliged to take such extreme measures (e.g. civil disobedience) and once we cross the line and take some extreme action then we become liable. I am reminded of an Independent movie called Zentropa about an idealistic young German-American who decides it would be constructive for him to go to Germany after WWII and help in the occupation-reconstruction. In the opening scene the young idealist meets an old German Roman Catholic priest and asks the priest : “Since each side prayed to God for victory and BOTH sides cannot be in the right then how does God decide.” The old priest gives an interesting answer, saying “The judgment is individual and subjective on a person by person basis, NOT according to the objective moral right or wrong, but according to the disposition of that person’s heart and will.” The priest then sites the verse which says “You are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm and so I spit (spew) you out of my mouth.” We tend to look for black and white answers and rules of thumb to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. We all know from the movies that the good guys wear white hats while the bad guys wear black hats and have mustaches. Obviously I am not God who is said to be “the only knower of hearts.” The next closest thing to God is the verdict of history as the years pass. Some of you may be angry with me because I seem to be non-committal. Others of you will be angry if I condemn and vilify the accused. Yet others will be angry if I do not defend the accused. When we choose to make a leap and tread upon thin ice then we leave the comfortable world of laws customs and conventions and sometimes only years later will something be observed which either lends nobility to the action or condemns the action as wrongful.


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