The Santa Claus Problem

I am not Jewish but I am curious. I once asked an Orthodox Rabbi how hell words in his religion. He explained that the righteous people are resurrected and live with G-d forever while the wicked simply cease to exist. To me that sounded more sensible. I dont see the point of endless torment with no hope of repentance or reform or rehabilitation. The “Santa Claus” thing involves that quid pro quo notion of reward for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior. Plus, kids are very trusting. They trust that parents are good and true and know everything. I was crushed when I found out I was lied to and that I was viewed as some kind of clown and object of amusement for my gullibility. As I look back on my childhood it seems like there are plenty of ways to have fun without lies and distortions of reality. The one chance I had to raise a 7 year old step son, I ALWAYS treated him as an adult within the limits of his understanding, because once you begin to patronize someone or talk down to them and treat them like an idiot, then they catch on and it affects their self esteem or they get them message WELL I am only a child so not much is expected of me so it is ok for me to mess up and in fact I am expected to mess up on a regular basis (like Bart Simpson).


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