The World According to Kyle

Kyle, after reading your various posts for over a year, I do think you have to somehow reinvent yourself to fit in better before you can hope to achieve success in any field other that total world conquest by force.

Kyle, as difficult or impossible as it may be for you to ever change KYLE it is far more possible to do in theory than to change the world and make it the world according to Kyle. Let us try and imagine implementing your suggestion to transform SJC into a school with great book seminars which also gives people marketable skills. It occurred to me that the typical tutor who wants to make that their life’s work is someone who is willing to subordinate material success to a rich intellectual life and therefore it is unlikely that they would be of an entrepreneurial nature which means that other teaching staff would have to be hired. And anyone who has the inclination to be an entrepreneur would not be content to be a college level instructor. But LET US SAY FOR ARGUMENTS SAKE THAT WE COULD TRANSFORM SJC to your specification. How would that help your present circumstances or eliminate your bitterness over your 4 years experience or make you feel more comfortable in the medical profession. Everyone here has been very generous to accommodate you in venting your frustrations and they have offered you all the advice and remedies and suggestions imaginable. But there comes a point of diminishing returns where you must settle and resolve on some course of action and not keep harping on the same things because this group is for alumni to socialize and more or less feel as comfortable as they would in the coffee shop.


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