The Wise and Foolish Virgins

I think I will side with David and cite the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins. They are ALL virgins (i.e. they all possess a physical form of purity.) And they all have oil lamps light and they are all waiting for the same bridegroom. The wise virgins are wise insofar as they have MORE oil than the foolish virgins. Now one might ask why the wise virgins are not generous enough to lend oil to the foolish virgins. BUT, the word in greek for oil (elion) is almost identical to the word for mercy/charity (eleemosinary) and so, IF I am materially wealthy the I can give you what you lack, BUT if I am more merciful and generous than you are I CANNOT give you of my mercy or generosity because such treasures are not FUNGIBLE.

Hmmm…. or let us think about the field that has something precious, a pearl, hidden in it, and there is one man who has FAITH that there is something of inestimable value concealed in that field and furthermore has faith that if he sells everything he has to purchase the field that he shall succeed in finding that hidden treasure. Now the man sacrifices all earthly material goods to purchase “that field” but what exactly is that field and what is that treasure and IF he should succeed in finding the treasure then what would he do with it? Ah, but you see, our man of faith has already impoverished himself and denied himself for the sake of something which is NOT FUNGIBLE.


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