New Technology

“Technology is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral.” Mel Kranzberg —

I have a book here that Heisenberg wrote for the lay reader on quantum. In it he mentions that once a technology appears, whether it is the atom bomb, or Internet or cell phones, you CANNOT just shove it back into Pandora’s jar (it WAS a jar in the original Greek and not a box) you CANNOT just say OOPS we should not use cell phones or Internet or neutron bombs and just shove it back in the jar. I think that aspect of technology is relevant to what Mel Kranzberg may mean when he adds “NOR is it NEUTRAL.”

Whenever someone plays a C major chord, the SOUND of that chord is something HOLISTICALLY different from and greater than the three individual notes of the chord, i.e. it is not subject to reductionism; the whole is GREATER than its parts. BUT, it gets better, because when you are listening to Mozart and suddenly he plays a Neapolitan Sixth with is the major 7th chord built upon the flatted 2nd of the scale, THEN there is a quality, a feeling, that stands out from the context of that scale and melody, and the feeling of that Neapolitan Sixth goes even beyond the transcendence of the more basic harmonic chords. So what Adler is getting at I think is that there are ideas which are MEMES which live for centuries and the minds of individuals are the cells of that meme’s brain. So, Christianity is a Meme, Islam is a meme, Democracy is a meme, mathematical model theory which is perhaps a metamathematical discussion of individual axiomatic systems, that too is a meme.


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