Regarding gays in the military

One service spouse writes:

I have always known that the service members themselves would most likely not have any problem with serving alongside gays. But what infuriates me as a military wife & mother is the lack of consideration/conversation toward forced integration of the support system structures in place to support the servicemembers (wives/spouses clubs, et. al): I mean, as an active duty wife (ten years), we had a tough enough time just tryng to integrate girlfriends and boyfriends in the squadron activities, but tearing apart the spousal support structures is what’s really going to impact the military long-term if this issue is forced prematurely, esp. during a time of war (now). I mean, how do we accomodate the wives/children who honestly believe that it’s a sin/morally unacceptable–do we have separate homecomings/meetings/functions just for them so that they do not have to be exposed to this (say goodbye to camaraderie in the unit, if so)? If it’s a matter of conscientious objection, do we allow members to opt out of serving (obligations) if their religious convictions will not allow their families to associate with gays & thus will not allow them to serve accompanied tours ? SOOOO many questions have yet to be answered…and I am still trying to form an honest opinion, but this is my experience and I am irked that it’s been left out of the general conversation. Just food for thought…

William: Well… Hmmmmm … aren’t there some people who feel that the use of tobacco and alcohol are sinful, and some people who feel it is a sin to have too many children, and others who feel it is a sin to use birth control, and yet others who feel that there is no way to the Father but through the Son, and others who feel the same way about the Son but feel that Roman Catholics have gotten it all wrong and try to do it through works instead of faith… and… well, the list goes on and on.. aren’t there skinny people who dislike obese people, and perhaps obese people who are suspicious that those skinny people do not REALLY like them but just pretend to like them…. and what of those spouses who sleep around with everyone else’s spouse…. just sayin’

And, for that matter, we all KNOW that the gays and lesbians have always been there, even in ancient times, hidden, secret, just under the surface, peeping up with their little periscopes from time to time to see if “the coast is clear.” So, you mean it is SAFER for everyone if it all stays underground, secret, clandestine than if it all comes out in the open? You know, the Soviet Union was a SEVENTY YEAR experiment in atheism (THREE generations) but when it collapsed people came swarming out of there anxious to become Lubavitcher Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and yes… EVEN HARE KRISHNA… the Schermerhorne Temple in Brooklyn had to hold special Bhagavad Gita classes in Russian. So, I humbly submit that the human tendency to religion is simiilar to the human tendency to sexuality in the sense that you cannot wash it away.

Service spouse:
I have always thought that repeal of DADT should be married with a return to the draft, which would allow for conscientious objectors while forcing the issue in a structured way in which ALL folks would be compelled to participate. Those that don’t want to serve, do service for our country another way, teach for america or peace corps or something. Like Israel. Compulsory service. Then the integration will be a national effort, and not just a forced social exercise on an organization whose members and resources are already stretched far beyond their limits. I have not seen that survey, I will look it over with interest, b/c as someone who’s lived it and seen how difficult it is to integrate just hetero relationships that were not yet legal at the time, I would like to see how the questions were structured & how deeply they looked at the issue…and how do we force an arguably national organization to comply with varying state statutes on marriage and how it’s constituted? I understand that federal law always takes precedence on govt. property (military installations, i.e.) but w/out federal recognition of an established legal state of marriage/survivorship, is there really the $$ or the manpower to apply to formulating completely new structures to support these “new” families and their dependents? I would argue NOT, esp. while fighting two wars and talking about cutting funding as it is. Just raising the questions, and thinking that without a tax increase and/or return to the draft, this is a recipie for disaster on an already-overtaxed military.
Well now that you mention Israel… compulsory service for males and females alike (except Muslims are exempt but the Druze who are an obscure branch of Islam WANT to serve and form the bulk of the border guard)… how do you suppose that works. I know it is said in many jokes that Jewish women are not very enthusiastic… but I suspect that is just a myth… so, do you suppose that one soldier may at times lust in their heart (oh here we go with that Christian imagery) ..lust in their heart over a soldier of the opposite sex. I suppose sometimes they do some hanky-pank, consensual of course)… but then I suppose at other times THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS and they monitor their behavior…. I mean, perhaps in my dreams I would like to be a Harpo Marx running about groping all the buxom women and saying HONK HONK… but, that would not be professional… although I did have a LUCID dream once (I kid you NOT) in which I KNEW I was dreaming and could control the dream. I was in a room full of buxom women who were total strangers. I walked up to each and every one and went “HONK HONK” and they looked at me with horror… and I explained to them that “this is MY dream and I can do anything I please and you have NO say in the matter” and it was very much like what the Athenians said to the Mytilenians


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