Those Damn Americans!

Our educational television channel (PBS – Public Broadcasting System – originally started with public funding – and watched by only a minority of intellectual intelligentsia) once aired a LONG documentary about life in North Korea. A family was seated at their dinner table in their home when suddenly the lights went out. North Korea often has power problems. The family started cursing “those damn Americans” who cause such power interruptions. NO I AM NOT MAKING A JOKE THEY REALLY THINK THAT AMERICANS DO SUCH THINGS TO ANNOY THEM…. different topic, for several years I worked with a VERY RELIGIOUS Christian from the Dominican Republic. At work she would pause and have people kneel in prayer. Anyway, one day, she was telling a group of women how she was cleaning a home and went to open a door and SUDDENLY it was mysteriously locked and she could not open it — AND IT WAS SATAN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR HOLDING IT SHUT TO ANNOY HER!!! Well, all I could think to myself is that if there WERE a satan devil then he would be far to busy with other things to bother annoying a Dominican cleaning lady and SECONDLY if satan appear and did ANYTHING to anyone then surely that person’s faith in God would increase, and from what I know about Satan he does not want people to believe in God.


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