Keeping up with the Jones

In the 1960s it was a BIG EXPENSIVE DEAL to have a car phone. A television comedian told the following joke: One wealthy woman was jealous that another wealthy woman had a car phone in her limousine and so she purchased a car phone for HER limousine, and had the chauffeur take her for a ride and then she CALLED her friends car phone. The friend answered and after a few moments said “Oh, you must excuse me… my OTHER car phone is ringing.” ha ha so she had TWO car phones. …. in Germany someone with a doctorate is referred to as Herr Docktor … but one man had TWO doctorates and INSISTED that people address him as HERR DOCKTOR DOCKTOR. Kind of like people in India who become Sri Ravi Shankar but when they get older they become SRI SRI Ravi Shankar… ha ha


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