Conversion in Islam and Judaism

I had a friend in NY who fell in love in Yahoo chat (3 year courtship) with a woman in Tehran and so he CONVERTED to Islam to marry her because she said “IF I marry a non Muslim and the government ever learns then my parents and siblings will be severely persecuted.” So, the question came up about whether circumcision is mandatory. I found the fascinating answer from an Imam in Indonesia who issued a fatwa to the effect that if a male desires to convert to Islam there is NO need for him to undergo circumcision and as time passes he will one day of his own accord desire to do what is right. Now in strict Judaism (nor Reform) even a male convert who was circumcised as in infant for reasons hygienic MUST undergo a ritual in which the Rabbi draws a drop of blood. AND should a male desire to convert to Judaism who was born without genitals or lost them through an accident then CONVERSION IS IMPOSSIBLE (except of course in Reform)… but Reform went so far as to deny one of the 13 basic tenets of Moses Maimonides regarding belief in a resurrection on the grounds that it seems too Christian, and so the Conservative and Orthodox Jews made moves to declare Reform to be no longer Jewish. (not trying to be controversial but I just love these little factiods)


2 Responses to “Conversion in Islam and Judaism”

  1. muhammad farooq Says:

    i am trying to understand what is said.

    • William Buell Says:

      I am about to travel on an errand for several hours, but then I will review the blog post and try to summarize what is said. Thanks for your comment.

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