Try to understand

How about simply “understand” – just try to understand why someone believes or does or practices whatever it is that you would never consider but that many other people consider and do. Try to understand Communists and Socialists. Try to understand smokers and alcoholics. Try to understand people who choose to end their lives. If you are a male, try to understand what it is like to be a female and get pregnant and give birth. If you are a female then try and understand what it might be like to have testosterone raging through your body and look longingly at women. If you are an adult then you dont have to “understand” teenagers or toddlers because you WERE one so you simply have to REMEMBER what it was like. If you are young then try to understand what it is like to be an elderly person who takes 10 or 20 pills to stay alive and who is loosing their short term memory and who lives in a society that has utterly no use for them and who knows that in a little while they are going to die. UNDERSTAND… you dont have to love it, dont have to like it, dont have to respect or disrespect it, just imagine yourself in their position and try to understand.

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