The Pleasures of Merely Circulating

I personally equate the joy (pleasure) of conversation, dialogue, blogging with the joy that I sense in Wallace Stevens’ poetry – I just looked up “The Pleasures of Merely Circulating” But there is also a kind of compulsion. Wallace Stevens in his collected correspondence once spoke of a certain poet as being less than extraordinary because “he does not write as if he must.” I am also reminded of Robert Ornstein’s T.W.I.T. (The Western Intellectual Tradition) which says that we do not and cannot feel that we have experienced something UNTIL we share it with others by recounting it (which makes me think of all the recountings in the Odyssey.) I sometimes ask myself WHY I cannot just think my thoughts and be content to keep them to myself. Then I realize that I CANNOT think in isolation but I must be in some context of interaction with others.


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