Laughing in the toilet bowl

@Lynda: I like to joke. Its fun. I watched the debates on TV over Kagan’s appointment to the supreme court. I was listening to the proceedings and Al Franken of former Saturday Night Live fame was cracking some jokes. So, I thought to myself “This is why America is going straight down the toilet… because in the 1930s through 1950s we were not a comedy, media driven society but now every presidential hopeful (plus the elected ones) make the talk show host circuit and have variety shows in the White House and attend Dean Martin Style roasts. I saw Bush at a “roast” and he was joking about how his wife thinks that he solves every problem on his ranch with a chain-saw …. Now I realize that NOBODY will understand what is wrong with this… but we have become a nation of Henny Youngmen one liners and we are going down the toilet but laughing all the way as we watch Simpsons and Family Guy and Reality Shows and Judge Judy. We are a failure as a society but we dont realize it and we distract ourselves … and we elect former ACTORS AND weigh-lifters and cowboys and people who starred in Bedtime for Bonzo, and we see NOTHING wrong with that… and now Sarah Palin gets a greater following in Twitter than ANY OTHER POLITICIAN! Did you like my little joke? Are you smiling yet? Are you laughing yet? Well, I hope so…


You see, Baruch, (may I call you Baruch?) … Let me tell you why humans are @ssH@les . It is very simple really. Our sun is too small a star to blow up as a spectacular supernova (it would have to be about 4 to 8 times large.) A small star like our sun will increase as a white dwarf and then perhaps collapse to a singularity. All this may happen in about 8 billion years. Now you are probably saying “Not to worry, that is forever…” Ahhh but, you see, in 500,000 years the sun will grow so large and hot that life on Earth will cease… (and you are about to say, “Not to worry… 500,000 years is forever… no problem) and here we have the exact reason that human beings are @ssH@les .. namely, that we do not give a crap about the future. Stephen Hawking is right. We should be planning ahead so that human life and culture might continue… but you see… we will never plan ahead… we will never even plan 50 years ahead or 20 years ahead. So, once human life ends then all that Plato and Shakespeare and J.D. Salinger .. the whole f-ing shebang… what was it all for? Did you like that Noah’s ark story with all the animals in that boat and that flood… well humans could try to build an ark manned by cyborg bots who can repair themselves and it indefinitely, and all live on earth could be carried somehow, like a seed together will all human knowledge and culture, and that ark could drift in space for 1000 years until it found a suitable planet.. and perhaps then we would get another 500,000 years..


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