Crayola, Science and the Humanities

I have found that everything you say in public and in private is a refreshing and insightful delight. One authoritative member of this forum stated that it should be like the “Coffee Shop” where everyone feels comfortable. Therefore YOU should feel comfortable saying what is on his mind; I should feel comfortable with expressing myself in my unique fashion; and everyone else should feel comfortable doing their thing. After all, this is only Facebook; it’s not a Hague Tribunal or a Continental Congress or anyone’s doctoral dissertation. The Crayola example is brilliant! What gets me about Crayola is that when I was a kid there was a pinkish color called “flesh color” which did happen to be the color of MY flesh since I am a very pink slice of Wonder Bread, but as we all know it is not the color of everyone’s skin and hence that crayon’s name was changed for the sake of political correctness. Crayola actually has a TIMELINE showing the history of all their colors and the name changes. Different example, Steven Jobs created the early Apple computers with certain aesthetic color and design concepts. Inside the case were signatures of the chief engineers. Jobs carefully chose the appearance of his facility on aesthetic grounds to favorably impress important visitors. Carlo, please post whatever you like as often as you like since I was once told that this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


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