Problems with Facebook Accounts

UPDATE: I see that Sam Shopshire’s Facebook page has vanished. He is no longer listed as an Admin in either of his groups. All of his old email messages to me have disappeared. Apparently this is what can happen if the Facebook BOTS somehow flag your account as a SPAMMER.
This is why it is important also to be wary of opening attachments or spoofing links which may take over your Facebook login and begin to spam.

I have just now spoken to Sam Shropshire who is very popular (at the 5000 FB friends limit) and who has created a GROUP called Sam Shropshire Group.

BOTTOM LINE- The Facebook BOTS have shut down his personal account on the grounds of SPAMMING.

Now, it may be that Sam inadvertently clicked on a phishing link which took over his account and began spamming people. Sam changed his password within 30 minutes.

OR it may be the faulty design of the new Facebook Groups: Whenever you add someone to a group, the DEFAULT setting is for Group Messages to be FORWARDED to that persons E-mail. As a result, Sam added a number of people who are not experienced enough with Internet or Facebook to know how to go to the group, click on GROUP SETTINGS and uncheck the Email Notification box, or reduce notifications to ONLY THREADS I SUBSCRIBE TO.

As a result, people who feel frustrated may possibly click on messages as SPAM. Once the bots (robotic programs) see enough spam reports, they shut down your account for a certain period of days. Facebook SHOULD have designed Groups so that the DEFAULT setting is NO email notification, and then allow experienced users to go into the group and increase the level of notification if they so desire.

I am tagging those people who are very active in Facebook, groups, pages etc so they will be aware of this potential issue.

OBVIOUSLY Facebook has millions of users so the only way it can be policed or administered is by BOT (programs which monitor keystrokes and usage) HENCE anyone who values their Facebook account must be aware of the dangers of losing it. IF it is programmaticly shut down then it is doubtful that one will be able to appeal to a live support representative (though I could well be mistaken in this.)


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