Martyrs under the Turkish yoke

It just now occurred to me that I can google and find something about the martyrs of the Turkish yoke

Here is an EXCERPT: St. Cyprian the New, for instance, was a pious monk from Mount Athos. After fortifying himself with Holy Communion, he went forth and found a Pasha (the ruler of a province). Straight way he witnessed to him that Mohammed was a false prophet and the enemy of God. The Pasha only laughed, thinking he was crazy; he ordered his guards to beat him and cast him out, which they did. St. Cyprian then went to Constantinople, to the Grand Vizier whose position was like that of a prime minister. There he attempted to witness to the Grand Vizier by sending him a written message about the Gospel of salvation. The Vizier thought the saint must be drunk, or mad. But when at last he realized that the saint was quite sober and quite sane, he ordered that he be beheaded and, as his Life says, as he was being led to the place of execution, “his face shone with joy; it was as though he hurried not to execution, but to a wedding banquet.” (end of excerpt) — Perhaps I am one of the few people to realize the curious resemblance between those who sought martyrdom (and the remission of sins which they desired) by provoking Turkish authorities and those who are motivated to suicidal attacks because they believe they will become martyrs and enter paradise.


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