Why does anything matter ethically?

Oh, please Nyc, knowing you I would say that you will do whatever you feel you HAVE to do if push comes to shove and you won’t be shedding many tears over morality or ethics. If one dreadful thing is done now then possibly we will have 1000 years of peace and in 100 years no one will dwell on it any more than they dwell today on the torture of the inquisition or slavery. Victory will come to the side who worries least about right and wrong. So are you REALLY saying that the world can endure another 100 years of fear at every abandoned box or vehicle, examine every envelope for anthrax, patrol every border, monitor every message on the Internet? Let’s make the Dostoevsky/Karamazov argument that if there IS no God then all is permitted. Nyc, WHY are you concerned about morality? Do you personally feel that you must one day stand before some dread judgment seat and answer for all your thoughts and deeds? If you believe that then I am rather surprised (but that is your privilege.) BUT if you do NOT believe in some almighty and some hereafter than what difference does it REALLY make if FDR actually KNEW about Pearl Harbor and LET it happen as an excuse to enter the war? And what does it matter IF 9/11 was somehow staged for some similar reason (I do NOT personally believe there was such a conspiracy, but if there WAS, then so what?) Someone told me that in Thucydides the Athenians do some bad things http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mytilenian_Debate SO WHAT? Who really cares? If there is a God and a judgment then yes perhaps it matters. But if a nation is squeamish about doing whatever is necessary to survive then they will not do anything to survive and quite possibly they will not survive. Iif Earth perishes in 500,000 years then what does it matter if the Homo Sapiens exterminated the Neanderthal and roasted them on a spit and ate them? You perhaps know of the hypothetical “Cobalt Bomb” which has never been built but in theory could destroy all life on Earth. Now suppose some religion arose which believed that it is necessary to destroy all life on earth in order for paradise to come? Suppose there are 1 billion of these Cobalters? What do you propose to do, Nyc? DO you want to be like Gandhi and fold your arms and say “Ahimsa is the highest form of dharma?” and then suffer death rather than commit some heinous atrocity? You tell me.


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