The phrase LARDED WITH

I like that word “larded!” You know, I am going to Google on “larded WITH” and I bet it is not overly used (which of course is a huge point in your favor for if every Tom, Dick and Mary is saying “larded with” then that means you are no more clever than a parrot but I always see you as EXCEEDINGLY clever!

Oh, well, 89,000 hits for “larded with” and they seem to be articles about military, budgets, bills…. So I guess your copyright is still patent pending.

One of my friends posted on something different today and used the luscious phrase “larded with” so I had to google and study its occurrence and I came up with “Larded with Fiction.” There was a recipe which said “larded with lemon.”

‎”Larded” — “In sounds so wrong. It sounds so right. Don’t mean I’m in love tonight … I LOOKED UP LARD AND I LIKED IT… the taste of that bacon chap stick.”


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