Locke vs Hobbes

I found a table once on the Internet with two columns (Locke on the left and Hobbes on the right) comparing and contrasting how those two thinkers differed or agreed on various points. I will search for that page now. From what I can remember Hobbes saw human nature as basically corrupt and so there could only be ONE free person (free in the natural sense) namely the sovereign or king and all others would yield their natural freedom in exchange for protection, security, etc. Locke saw that humans were capable of great good as well as great evil. It is said that all of today’s constitutional democracies trace back to Locke. Hobbes lived under a King, and I rather imagine that his life would have become more difficult had he not produced a book (The Leviathan) which praised and supported the “divine right of kings.” Now, in the Book of Samuel the prophet Samuel actually warns the people of the drawbacks in having a king (which some scholars see as an element of anarchist thought in the Old Testament.)


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