Puff the Magic Dragon

I rarely find myself posting in a conservative thread but one day I did and one young man said: “America is the best because Vermont can beat up Canada and Vermont knows it and Canada knows it.” I asked him why excellence should be related to violence and destruction and asked if there are not many fine countries like Australia for example. I was told that I was a Communist and a sexual deviant and I should leave America. I related this to one woman who lives in my building not realizing that she is a staunch Republican. She grinned nodded and said “Well you must be a Communist and a homosexual and you SHOULD leave the country.” I then asked her who she would like to see in the White House and she unhesitatingly answered “Rush Limbaugh” I carefully questioned her to see if she was being serious or sarcastic. She was quite serious. Limbaugh is famous for singing little ditties like “Barack the Magic N!gr@” to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” I noticed in one episode of The Family Guy, Stewie and Brian go back in a time machine to Nazi Germany. They hasten to disguise themselves in S.S. uniforms. Stewie pauses and says “Oh, what’s this?” The camera pans in on a McCain-Palin button. Many a true word said in jest.

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