Finding not what divides but what unites

Egyptians HATE to admit that they are on the continent of AFRICA and insist they are ARAB.

I have little in common with those South of the Mason-Dixon line but they are Americans and we all share North America with Canadians and Mexicans. African nations and other nations laugh at Egypt’s denial. Some obviously Black Africans were arguing that they are descendants of Mohammad and are not at all Black Africans. One of the Hadith actually reads “Which one of those men is the Prophet?” and the answer is “Oh, you see that VERY WHITE MAN over there.” There is nothing wrong with being African or being of color. There is something wrong with shame and denial.

Perhaps this world of ours would be a better place if we would all strive to find things that we share in common (even if we are mistaken) than to look for things which divide and distinguish us.

Socrates (or someone like that) supposedly said “I am a citizen of the world” and in all likelihood the world population at that time was around 6 million souls. I find it curious that someone should have such a global sentiment in an era where neighboring city-states viewed one another with suspicion as aliens. Supposedly Aristotle somewhere observes that the Greeks represent an ideal median between the extreme gentility of the Africans and the gross barbarity of the Germanic tribes. This fact was cited in some book entitled “Black Fire” to stress that Africans were seen as cultured or refined.


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