Facts of life and honesty with children

I learned about the birds and bees at a 6th grade lunch table in a very crude manner which upset me (you were born cause your dad put his xxx in your mom.) My wife told her sun a lot when he was age 4 and commenced day care simply to protect him. When he was 7 and I was a new member to the family he said “I want to ask you a question and I promise I wont get mad. Are you having s#x relations with mommy?” I explained to him that all couples from his dad and step mom to his grandma and her second husband do this because it is simply a part of life. He seemed quite satisfied. I think he always trusted me as someone that he could ask any question and I would give a true answer in a calm and dispassionate fashion. Nowadays with the explicitness of our media childing catch on by age 6 or 7. In the 1950s it was 11 or 12. Children on farms never had a problem because they were surrounded by animals mating and giving birth. Furtiveness and deception are far more lurid than the simple biological facts of life.

Once my stepson at age 8 suddenly repeated something about the sitting president being inept. I explained that no one person can be the sole destruction or the salvation of a nation but that economy and foreign affairs are very complex. I explained that people can have beliefs very different from our own and they have their reasons but they are reasoned beliefs so we must respect them and we must discipline ourselves to have some respect for those who are in power.

I wonder how many American presidents might be said to have no blood upon their hands? Historian Howard Zinn mentioned that there was a very small rebellion in New Jersey and George Washington just sent some of his men down to execute them. There was a much larger rebellion in Pennsylvania which Washington could only handle with arbitration. I wonder how Mussolini would be viewed by history had he sided with the Allies?


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