The evil that men do

HMMM…. well, how about war, napalm, neutron bombs, free fire zones… I mean, only when the going gets tough, when we have no choice, when it’s our patriotic duty to make the world a safe place for democracy,…then we need free-fire zones, I mean, what is a fella supposed to do (hey do I sound like Pynchon yet…) then the Dresden fire bombing is actually noble,… Hiroshima and Nagasaki actually saved more Japanese lives than they took… you see, those fetus lives ARE precious and inviolable, but in just 16 short years all that preciousness wears off… and we send them out in the jungles of the Congo to do what they have to do… oh … wait, did you say that is not YOU, that someone else is doing that,… well…hmmm.. Abraham Heschel said that few are guilty but all are responsible… so arn’t YOU a bit responsible? No… Yes… What did you do to stop any of it… Oh, there was NOTHING you could do, you were helpless, a victim…well, I see… yes, you are quite right, sorry I brought this up… I get confused sometimes… you know, moral issues are so confusing…


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