Costume Party

My reply:
1.) Nothing wrong with being gay (and I doubt that it is a choice.) 2.) No way to know what his sexual orientation will ultimately be (which is a deeply private matter anyway) 3.) Great costume 4.) Nothing wrong with males admiring female role models. 4.) Even if something hurtful did occur at the festival it would be because of his free will choice to wear that costume and so if he has regrets it is better that he regret what he chose than to regret what his parents forbade. 5.) As he goes through life making choices he will have to deal with the realities of social consequences sooner or later since his parents will not always be there to shield and guide him. 6.) Since the costume was his desire it is better that he live out his desire and possibly grow bored with it than to be denied and forever dwell on the fact that he was denied and prohibited —– I think you did the right thing but then what do I know? Great photo! Great post! I saw this in Facebook!


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