Child Marriage

The LONG American movie “Gandhi” is inaccurate for good reason when it states that Mohandas and Kasturbai were married at age 12. Americans could not deal with the truth. According to Gandhi’s autobiography “Experiments in Truth” Gandhi was married to Kasturbai at age 6. All he knew was that there would be a new suit of cloths, lots of food to eat and a new playmate (for the bride comes to live with the groom’s parents.) When Mohandas was around the age of 12 his uncle told him he must now sleep with his wife and gave him instructions on what is expected. That night Kasturbai seemed to know exactly what to do. All his life Gandhi wondered WHO it was in the family that instructed Kasturbai but he never had the temerity to ask her.

Once the Shah of Iran was overthrown then one of the first things the Ayatollah did was lower the marriage age of girls from sixteen to nine, BECAUSE the Prophet married Aiyesha at age SIX and consummated the marriage at age 9. I have asked several friends in Tehran if they ever see a nine year old bride. They have seen some as young as 13 but apparently you have to go among the nomadic tribes to find a child bride. A female child is seen as a liability and a responsibility to marry them off properly and prevent them from experiencing things outside of marriage which would be “haram.”


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